Birthdays & Father's Day celebrations in June 2021 onwards to year end activities.

My family members are all overseas and just past midnight for me in KL on early morning of June 16, we had a family birthday celebration after our usual online group chats :

Father's Day on 20 June 2021
Hangout with Su, Leah and Anya

Fei my oldest daughter had also called me on Father's day and we had a nice chat!

Somehow, in a mystical way, I could pull up this old FaceBook post she made for me 7 years ago in the year 2014:

In fact, all the family celebration posts above were only copied to this journal post here in the following July month of 2021. I was overwhelmed by the mystical events occurring in the month of June so I just kept posting everything that happened in June in this other post

10 Aug 2021 
Posting on Dad's Behavior or Action day which falls on every Tuesday based on this 7 day program to keep him OPT during the pandemic era of the world!

Click the blue Facebook icon on the top right to listen to the music!

Below is a sequence of my screen capture to show what happened earlier when Facebook muted as well as removed one of my 2 videos I had just posted. I filed my complaint which they responded a few days to allow the banned video to be displayed as seen above on the left.

I was elated to get a reply a few days later that my appeal was approved and the missing video on the left was put back to be seen complete as shared above in my embedded Facebook post!

October 2021 Birthday celebrations 
4th Oct Su Min 5th Oct Dad

19 Oct 2021
Han's 31st Birthday

2 Nov 2021
Ray's 24th Birthday

8 Nov 2021
Shuan's 29th Birthday

22 Dec 2021
39th Anniversary of Mom & Dad
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How time passes quickly and my understanding is that it's only measured by Man are my thoughts today for our Wedding anniversary. During this 2nd year of the Pandemic, I seemed busier than ever to lose track of time to realize of course that the year is quickly coming to an end!

Thanks Mom for spiritually interacting with me like how you pre-informed me that Fei is going to have her first baby!

All the good news seem to come together by the end of the year 2021. Han's long awaited bride who completed her 2nd degree in University of Toronto after YaleNUS came back to visit Singapore with the travel ban lifted. The Pandemic had delayed their wedding plans earlier. She will return to Toronto to complete her course to be a medical doctor. We can also expect that soon the wedding bells can ring! Hurray#*%!!

Just a few years ago, father and son acting as Cameraman and MC was given advanced practice to handle a wedding for a friend!


At the end of every year in my life, especially on New Year's Day, it has become more significant than my Birthday! Why so one may ask? Main reason for me is the calendar year with 'New Years Day' has become more important than my Birthday.  The main reason is our lives are measured chronologically following a calendar year of months and days where most of the world recognizes and celebrates the coming of the New Year. Being English educated following western standards more than eastern, I have been recording my Life's History according to the English Calendar and not the Chinese one where the progress of my life is shared at 

Abacus the old ancient Chinese simple calculator was what I played with when young to eventually progress to Cloud computing technology of today. I started my own personal research, using Cloud technology after my wife passed away in 2012 to contribute to the understanding of the subject of Human Consciousness. This subject was of keen interest of the Western World that began with Plato's definition of Body Mind Spirit where he translated Body as related to 'Appetites', Mind to 'Reason' but left Spirit without any translation.

I boldly embarked on a personal research project, after my wife passed away, to explain all three of the tri-partite nature of Man especially the last where Science has been ignoring but not anymore since Transpersonal Psychology of the scientific world accepted Spirituality as an important part of science! I was a pure science student in middle or secondary school and not knowing what I would choose as my future career followed my father's advice to be a Chartered Accountant and hence enrolled into business school. Somehow in 1977 in my tertiary studies in Australia, I was attracted to major in Computer Science as well as accounting. Mysteriously, with no background of religion planted in our family, in the final year of my studies in 1979, I had the opportunity to research/experiment into Spirituality.

It seemed that I really got involved in all three tri-partite nature of Man, due to my curiosity and always wanting to know the truth of things, like an auditor, but quit the profession early best explained here. In my early 60s today, very healthy verified by not catching any simple sicknesses of coughs, colds, fever etc, very energized physically, mentally & spiritually. I am also very well connected with my family and friends around the world as shared in this recent video of Penang that I found myself having to be there in the video below and some pics of a 2nd trip within a couple of weeks!

The 2nd trip to Penang 

Besides the onslaught of COVID-19 to our country, just before Christmas, heavy rainfall created massive floods in low lying areas of the country including even our capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The Joy of this Christmas season has definitely been the opportunity to help those less fortunate than us. Here are some pics taken a couple of days before Christmas of how members of our Church could help :

Donations of food, clothing etc were collected from members/friends:

They were then delivered to a national collection centre:

My personal joy & feelings on this Christmas season.

I have always led a busy life engaged since young to be constantly interacting with Family and Friends. In my latest website of my journals at, I shared my life's experiences of this phenomenon.

Allow me to share what actually happened recently so that this can be documented in this 'Family journal' that started over 40 years ago where I've never stopped writing no matter how busy I was. Trials of our world today collectively is obviously evident. It has compounded personal trials which already exist that led to more illnesses and even suicides!

My interest in Human Consciousness, especially of my own, was always there and my decision to embark on a focused research years ago to unravel this scientific interest of a human being was more to confirm my personal 'blessed' state of constantly being able to be an OPT or Optimal Performance & Thinking person. This was despite or in spite of the fact I knew that I was far more mediocre in natural skill sets compared to many I know. The story follows of what happened on the eve of Christmas and my thoughts, supported with photos I took at relevant times of the day to help me remember my experience:

I was in our old home in Ampang area, where I recently shared the finding of an Asian Water Monitor. This time around I am sharing about my furniture moving experience.

Moving the cabinets & books from the old location... the old home in Ampang

So much memory flows to me from raising our family in this home. Watch this video of how all the children played with their mother on the very same floor above! 

Yet like the books and contents that I treasure, these memories are of the past but still treasures. That is how I felt when I decided I will keep the treasures where they belong until one day all will have to go physically but not mentally or spiritually. I am totally fine with that. It confirms in my research that 'Feelings' is the important source or power of Human Consciousness! With those same feelings, I put together all the cabinets myself and could or had to figure out how the wooden cabinet system worked differently from the light brown steel ones! Everything worked perfectly in the end with my own hands and head to figure things out.

But here is the experience I want to share this Christmas. I feel very much alive today, healthy & always motivated to do things. Living 'like' Superman, I am blessed with the energy or power to get things done. I can lead teams and groups. My FaceBook post embedded below shows I had muscle power from a team of strong men!

They actually brought all that I wanted to keep as storage in the old home of course, with the long cabinets for my files taken apart. They are truly the 'A Team to transport everything to a new site. I was worried when all was unloaded, could I put everything back together again like a 'Lego Toy'? I knew I could as when I first set them up in the previous location, I had done it all by myself patiently over time before the COVID-19 era as the following pics portray:

Batman works at night while Superman during the day! Haha

My two vehicles were down and didn't have transport to ferry my books but one phone call to a nearby friend loaned me this, shared in FB:

The books need to go back to the brick shelves I made on my own but I can easily handle that as seen in this old pic below:

Now there is something more important than fixing things that I want readers to know. We have to manage our Feelings that will Feed our Intelligence which really is the Secret behind my own history of achievements recorded at

It was Feelings that started my family life expressed in an old video below that I created:

Love Is from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo.

I'm so glad my oldest son Han follows his Feelings too...

Now I noticed Han's photo expressing it shared in his private FB post of his long awaited reunion with his sweetheart from Canada. I knew her when she came to our home in Singapore during her student days but as a photo/video man recording life as it goes on, she never allowed me to take a single photo of her until this!

Cute caption that Han wrote from the screen capture I made from his FB page!

The year 2022 round the corner promises more Happy Feelings for our family with my third grandchild from Fei arriving some time in March! I knew my wife Geok Lee was spiritually giving me all the promptings of things to expect in the new year. Everything is really spiritual, not just mortal or of flesh and blood. I humbly testify of this in the name of Him who is the reason why we celebrate Christmas around the world today. even Jesus the Christ. Amen.    (Sat 25 Dec 2021)

Postdated story (Sun 26 Dec 2021)

We had a great dinner that after finishing, we stayed on chatting and interacting with our doggie friends!

I got home about 2am to check FB to find the boys were having their own dinner party with dogs too!

I started to check my messages to find that a couple had sent me a notice that there will be a family get together online after midnight but I missed it as I had lingered longer with friends after our dinner and didn't read the earlier notice sent to me online as I was busy moving furniture and things earlier in the day mentioned above!

Not to worry, another 'Zoom online' get together was arranged for Sunday past midnight which is optimal for everyone spread out in US to Asia!

Missed Fei whom I later connected one to one personally who informed me she wasn't feeling well. Understandably as she said she is in her third trimester in her pregnancy. This is the last term from week 27 to end of pregnancy. (Post-dated note: She made up in the New year with photos she shared in FB collected in my 1st journal post of 2022.)

Announcement & New Year Greetings!

On the Eve of my pseudo Birthday of 31 Dec 2021, I'm feeling the new year will be a real OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking year of 2022 for me. Pseudo feelings because it's really the moment where I really feel another year of my life has gone by rather than during my own real birthday, makes sense?

I also officially returned the keys of my office at as my transformation mission there is completed as far as my advisory role is concerned. I've personally learned so much about what others are doing in community service for their fellowmen in the past two years.  I made this video as an example of one man I got to know among many others like him whom I've interacted with in Bukit Bintang and hope you can catch his spirit of serving others that deeply touched me.

There were restaurants cooking food to feed the poor or needy with volunteers to deliver them daily too!

I'm moving forward with more Awesome goals Achievable with today's Aspiring technology to connect me quicker to the knowledge and experience I desire found in our world. The Human Being with his past history of sub-optimal Consciousness has created more problems that need new OPT performance & thinking strategies to resolve them. From my years of research & personal experience, I know the solution is a subtle change of pattern recognition.

I've been preparing for all these AAAs goals since young, following Futurists like Alvin Toffler and travelling the world to learn about it with sufficient interaction always with Family & old Friends or new, to optimize our own Consciousness! 

My progress in life will continue to be shared at TalkLane. Wish me luck, the 'Fu' in my name that stands for it, so that I will have 'Mountains' of it as "Sun" has that meaning in my Chinese name! Meanwhile, my sincere wishes is still for everyone to have a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" indeed! May you find your own interesting and joyful ventures come true as well!

Yes I am an 'Out of the Box' thinker noted by my videos/photos extending outside the column boundaries of cell phones or PCs for this post! haha

2021 Year ends here to start 2022 here.

In Memory of Han Kwang

On Sunday 30th May 2021, something made me call Jenny Han. I was shocked to learn that she was in hospital due to infection of Covid-19 but was recovering. I was informed her husband Han had to be put under the respirator and the only thing I could do was to pray for him and informed the rest of my family members spread out in 3 cities outside Malaysia of the sad news and to pray for him as well. 

Next morning I messaged her to ask how was Han doing and she informed me "Dunno yet. Mel will call the doctor later when he’s on duty. Last night his condition was stable." Then I didn't get any message from her and I felt not to trouble her and messaged her son-in-law Royce Tai. I received the message, "Sorry I won't have good news for you, as my father in law had passed away today." I related the sad news to the family.

A few days later I received the notice below of the Zoom meeting plans and related it to my family members.

The Han family together with the Tai family have close attachment with our family as we lived in the same close neighborhood in the early days of the Church when we just had the Kuala Lumpur branch.

As a long time keeper of journals, I have in store a collection of photos that I started looking back in memory of our family interaction with the Han and Tai family that I like to share some below:





11 April 2018

15 Sep 2018

Life is a journey of birth, death and as Christians we look forward to the resurrection. Before that I believe Brother Han gets to meet those who have passed on earlier namely my wife Geok Lee, Bro & Sis Tai and many others of our mutual friends remembered here.

We will miss Brother Han Kwang and cheer him on in his progress as an eternal soul, with fond memories from our family shared in more photos and videos here.

Farewell Zoom Meeting 
Dated 5 June 2021

Attended by over 160 people where I've requested for a copy of the recording to see if I can share in this journal. Meanwhile here are some pics from a wonderful video shared in the virtual meeting:

How amazing technology is today to allow us all to gather virtually to feel the Spirit of this great and humble man who advances to the next sphere of life! Plus I can share extracts of the Farewell Zoom meeting in a video shared with Geok Lee in Facebook here.

The Happiest Day in my Life, 2021 USA date April 4


I discovered this waking up on Monday morning in Kuala Lumpur, that the General Conference of the Church in US on their 4th April afternoon announced that a Temple of the Church would be built in Singapore!!! 4th April is also the Birthday of my late wife Geok Lee who has been been Touching Lives when when she was alive and even years after!

Sunday morning I was at Church for the fast and testimony meeting. It was online for social distancing but it was announced we could be present in the church meeting house too! We had to inform the controller of the Zoom online meeting by chat that we would like to bear our testimony and I was informed that I will be next after Susie How. When I came up to speak, I just remarked that Susie and I believe are the oldest in age in the KL branch today where we both have outlived our spouses too! I remarked that had stayed up watching the opening session of the General Conference in Salt Lake City and when I woke up on Sunday morning, watched the latter part the Priesthood session too. I also mentioned that it was my wife Geok Lee who pointed out that the building we were meeting in could be acquired when I was a District President to arrange with our area office in Hong Kong to follow up.

After Church I went to visit a close friend living nearby whom I have brought to Church to spend the whole afternoon there chatting as usual, covering Gospel topics and others. I went home to break my fast and was feeling tired when I tried to go online. So I went to bed instead and had a good long sleep till 8am where after some morning routines, I went online to find that the live conference was over but they had this published news.

Wow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was repeating to my friend when we met that I always had a poor memory but through an OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking system I had developed on my own, I have used it to achieve all I wanted to in life! This included academia, technology, family, business, religion etc. I even fined tuned it by using latest online technology today to keep up with rapid information & scientific explosion occurring in the world. The friend was about 17 years older than me and wouldn't even have a cell phone. I therefore couldn't really explain how I use algorithms to build up all the information of my brain stored in the small phone that I could access any time on any topic I have chosen to store in the Cloud. This was when I pulled up one of my old book journals that I had brought to Church and an old diary, which were part of the system I had used in the old days to remember dates, events or my experiences in life that I wanted to remember. 

I didn't plan to visit this friend and brought them along as they were records I was using to refer them in writing a new online post I was working on. I also mentioned that I had met an online friend during the past Chinese New Year who was 91 going on 92 some time this April! This amazing man named Michael Rogge from Amsterdam Holland has been my pre-occupation of interacting with him online since we connected last Chinese New Year!

While being busy focused on Church and later on simply decided to meet this old friend, I actually was totally not conscious that April 4th on Sunday was my wife's birthday! I connect the dots only when I went online on Monday morning to view the last part of our Church General Conference! I enjoy my visits with this old friend who is a retired psychiatrist and could make remarks of myself that maybe I can classify myself as having a dialectic mind! Whatever mind I have has really has been consistent in transforming my life over time to suit new changes in the world! Most important is I feel I am really a down to earth or rational person trying to figure out my extraordinary experiences in Life! 

I had already learned the meaning and purpose of life when turned 21. I was just taking on the challenge of learning Quantum Physics and Human Consciousness which seems to be the latest trend or interest of science today. I guess those two subjects motivated me to start my own personal research and continue to record them as part of my life journals housed today at Afterall, journals have it's usefulness of introspection to all that I have learned or experienced in life and thus served as good addendum to my first creative book to know it is backed by 'Scientific & Spiritual' knowledge and experience of the author.

Happy Mother's Day wishes

9 May 2021 from Kuala Lumpur

My grandmother on my mother's side

My grand mother on my father's side

Geok Lee's mother

The children's mother with my mother

Videos through time & space