"Birth, Death and the Resurrection" My feelings and thoughts of 19 October 2016


A previous post had a series of events that led to this one on the birthday of my son Woon Han and the passing of my dear friend and brother in our Church in the evening of the same day of 19 October earlier this week. I would use Facebook posts to give the account plus photos I have kept in my files of my memories serving with Elder Freddie Chan Yoke San during our lifetime together living in Kuala Lumpur.

It was past midnight in Singapore when I received the news of the passing of Elder Freddie Chan after celebrating the birthday of our oldest son Woon Han. I had earlier made a Facebook album of photos to commemorate Han's birthday with the first photo of the album being the one sent to me by Steven Kok as explained in the previous post mentioned above. That photo sent to me is reproduced below. One can also click on the URL link given in the embedded Facebook photo below to see the album I created. Such is the convenience of social media platform to share photos as used in this blog post.

One can click on the comments icon above to read my comments with its corresponding photo added or click the "Facebook post" link above to get a complete view of all comments & related photo on the right side of the main photo.  Again highlighting another convenience of social media presentation today noting that it was from Steven Kok's first photo that sparked off an album of photos to follow! I had left a last comment to my late wife Geok Lee to welcome him on the other side of the veil that separates us from those who have passed on.

After completing the birthday post on Facebook of our son's birthday, I immediately shared Sharon Wong's post in the Returned Missionary Facebook group timeline with my own personalized message. Click here to view.

Sharon Wong's post is also shared below. Click on the blue Facebook icon below to view.

One can click on the photo above to read the message of his life published in our Singapore Church website. (Note an error occurs as the article in the Singapore website is no longer available.)

Again, the convenience of social media today to preserve our history online. He was first sustained as an Area Seventy to the Eighth Quorum of the Seventy in the April General Conference of 2013 at the same time as Elder Leonard Woo of Singapore.

I will now share some old photos of Elder Freddie Chan, mostly retrieved from a personal history journal of my own service years in the Church when I was called to serve in leadership positions. Others are from my photo archives of Church History in Malaysia. Elder Chan has indeed surpassed me in his dedication in 'Serving Others With Love'. I know that he has touched many lives for good and has been a great example to me of one with great faith and obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He is seen on the far left during his baptism with his wife in Penang on 8 Nov 1980 with another couple on the right. The mission President seen in the center is President Talmage Jones

1998 when we were called to the KL Malaysia District Presidency

1992 Priesthood Leadership Meeting for Ipoh and Penang branches

1993 Ipoh Branch Conference in its new building for the first time

1994 District Council Meeting in PJ mission home building

1995 District Conference in KL

President Freddie Chan, District President 2002-07

2004 Family History training

2005 Family History training continued

2005 ISTAC Forum (Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization

2011 Visit of Elder David A.Bednar, a member of the Quorum of Twelve

The following are the latest photos of Elder Chan taken from my camera when I visited the Klang branch on a Mother's Day celebration in May of 2015 extracted from this journal post :

The three of us since our days together in the 90s had become grandfathers at this point of writing. I was the last to be a granddad, seen in the photo above trying to gather the others to join us for a group photo after sacrament meeting as seen below.

My last photo with Elder Freddie Chan :

This was taken in Klang Branch again when I revisited on 14 Feb 2016.

As I am unable to attend the funeral at 10am this morning in Kuala Lumpur, I had planned to do a morning run around a nearby running track of our home in Singapore but it started raining. Tears from Heaven I felt!

It rained also on the day of the funeral for the Mom of our family! Listen to the hymn sung in the video below. "Till we meet again at Jesus feet" It came from this blog post that explains why the video was included in it. Reading the blog post and watching the video again brings moisture of the rain to my eyes!

I sing these words in my heart and mind as I prepare to start my run now close to 10am time of Elder Chan's funeral service in Kuala Lumpur. I've always felt that only the good seem to die young! Good or Bad, although all will eventually die, I testify that all will be resurrected or come alive again as this is a free gift for all Men from the Savior. From this knowledge and testimony of mine, my tears are not tears of sorrow especially for the faithful who pass away but tears of joy with the happy ending in mind.

They are the tracks that I would run on regularly while in Singapore described in this journal post written not long after my wife passed away.

Farewell Elder Freddie Chan, till we meet again at Jesus' feet and please say hello to Geok Lee for me too!

His name has been added into the special post in memory of my friends, family members and individuals who have departed and have touched my heart for good.

To be continued with photos collected from friends in Kuala Lumpur who attended the funeral on 22 October 2016.....

Above latest family photo of the Chan family from a Facebook post by Bro Ramachandram Keloo

Above photos were shared by Sis Sharon Wong

The Deseret News published news of his passing found here.

(Postdated error notifications: 1. The link to Deseret News is faulty and cannot be corrected locally.  2. The link referred to below does work or is inaccurate. Click this same looking link here http://bit.ly/2otDYIg that works as it could be corrected locally.)

Space-Time travel to Feb 2018

Postdated writings, photos, and video :

2 Nov 2016 - Ray's 19th Birthday

The title of this post has the word 'Birth' which is appropriate in this compact post covering the 'Death' of my Church friend and leader Elder Freddie Chan on the 'Birth' day of my oldest son Han shared above and now another 'Birth' day of my youngest son Ray whose celebration is shared in the Facebook post below :

It is interesting to note that Facebook recently updated their software to allow embedding of it's post in blogger. One needs to click the blue Facebook icon on the top right of the photo above to view the entire post more optimally that includes the comments as well.

The video below posted on Facebook hit over 2k views within a couple of days of being published. It is appropriate to be shared here on this blog post which carries an appropriate title of "Birth, Death and the Resurrection." They are significant words that describe the life of our Savior Jesus Christ who gives us hope in our own lives to know that this resurrection is a true process of our life towards the eternities and that it will happen to us one day too! Click the blue Facebook icon on the top right of the post below to enjoy the beautiful music sung by the District choir.

I have been particularly busy since I came back from Singapore to KL for a public business forum on Nov 4 and then a weekend of Church with District Conference on Nov 6 plus more work on the days of Monday onwards plus attending Church Family Home Evening with singles on Monday night. Several choir members were asking for the photos from the video which was slow from me as I  gave priority to create the video first by using up some of my sleep time. Here are the photos finally :

26 Nov 2016

This post and some above have been classified under the heading of 'Post-dated writings, photos, and videos to bring awareness to the reader that what is shared in this Post-dated section is after the time of the last written sentence. (Click here to scroll up to that point.)

The following event is with the 3 sisters in the KL branch seen in the above photo :

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