We wish we can travel everywhere in the USA to visit all our friends and family members but it's too big a country!

Where is the "The KL City Kid" and "The Singapore Girl" going to land?

Wow that's a big plane to travel on named after a city in our East Coast of Malaysia

Such greenery seen from the sky after take off!

Hey the plane's landing and the scenery has changed drastically!

Where is the Singapore Girl heading to with that smile?

Hmmm... to a room packed with sardines of people???

Ahhh we see Su-pid Cupid in the crowd of students from her church who decided to pack her kitchen in Provo Utah, over 80 of them just for fun!!!

On the last day of the Chinese New Year, in the same kitchen with just a few of us, Mom cooked a nice Sunday dinner with Chinese New Year 'Ang Pows' for everyone after!

Yes it's a big trip to fly to the West Coast

We started in the West Coast to Utah State, flying to Salt Lake City

First to visit our daughter in Provo

Then others from our mission, former Singapore Mission President Joseph Boone giving us a tour of the Missionary Training Center

with his wife Sister Alicia Boone

Visiting Brother Ralph Cannon brings us further back in time where he had served with his wife as a couple missionary when I was a young missionary myself in Kuala Lumpur in 1980 . He is still young and healthy

This is an old photo of Smelie Redd that was taken with me in mid 2005. We went to visit his son's home where he had lived in Utah to see him but tears came into my eyes to discover he had left us on last New Year's eve. He was the first couple to serve in the new branch of Ipoh where I had served. (See the Ipoh Story)

This is the Brown family with Granpa Dave on the left and his son Stephen with his wife Susan on the right with their two children. Stephen Brown was the Elder who first knocked on my door and later baptized me as a student in the city of Geelong, Australia on July 29th 1979

Well these are just young Cantonese Speaking Missionaries who saw us struggling to take a photo of ourselves at the Oakland Temple in California and came to take the photo of us below.

It was 1983 when we last visited this temple in Oakland in our very first trip to the USA. I remember this temple so vividly as it was where I had left a pair of my white pants in San Francisco!

Then there are old friends and frequent visitors of KL Anthony Seow with his wife taking us out for a nice dinner in Orem

and friends from business such as Jeanette Brooks, President of MXI Corp...

...which brought us to their office to enjoy a snowy night downtown in Reno!

From Reno we went to visit the Plenerts in Sacramento, a family who lived in KL in the early 90's where Gerhard served with me as my counselor in the District Presidency. We did visit Sebastian and Lily later in Fremont but it was so late when we left their home that we couldn't take a good photo of the family.

Here is Vince and Sandy Gordacan in Las Vegas who was instrumental in helping Church leaders in Malaysia to be acquainted with the King and vice versa, in a dinner he hosted at the Royal Palace.

On the way back from Vegas to Utah, we stopped by Cedar City, to the home of Travis Snow, pictured on the far right, a Chinese speaking Elder who served in KL and had just been released. The girl on his right is waiting for his proposal!

We got back to Utah and found ourselves in a party of Su's friends of mainly Singaporeans. Pictured above is Jocye Lim who was the birthday girl.

This is Nat Woo, the live of the party to get the people involved

These are the faces of some of the cool on lookers who eventually got INVOLVED!

You can see what happens when one is fully involved. That's Su's cousin Le Roy on the far left!

We are on the plane again flying the NorthWest airlines this time but where are we going?

Touch down in New York City!

We spent the night at the home of former Bishop Jeff Lim and his wife Diana in New Jersey. Pictured above is him going to work very early in the morning, giving a ride to his niece to college. Everyone else is still asleep except the camera man of course to catch this photo.

After a few meetings in Manhattan for business, we decided to make a quick trip to..

...Washington D.C. area!

At the home of Steve and Marilyn Forsyth in North Virginia, we had a nice reunion of several people like our former Branch President of KL branch Michael Cragun and his wife Rosy.

Here is Marilyn with some pioneer members of KL Branch. On the left is Betty, the sister of Susie How and Jackie Ho with her mom on the right.

Naotaka and Atsuko Sawada were present too with Betty!

There was a family reunion too with Geok Lee's two nieces, Juliana on her left with Beverly and her husband Mark carrying their new baby named Evan.

We drove back to New York City for meetings the next day...Good Bye Mr. President!

We said our final goodbye to the whole family of Diana and Jeff

We drove through the tunnels to Manhattan Island one last time.

Rushing through the NYC traffic to the airport... Good Bye Empire State building!

Back to Utah again with our daughter Su

We're not going home without getting a few tips on self-defence from Cevin Ormond

And a nice lunch treat at the Lion's House in Salt Lake City by the Lunts who took us to the airport as well.

It's touch down at the KL International airport set amidst the familiar lush green landscape

We did it! Another successful trip to visit friends and family in the USA for 3 weeks and now the last taxi ride to home sweet home!

What a nice surprise to find our American friends Tom and Michelle Jephson visiting us in Kuala Lumpur to have dinner with other old friends at their favorite 'Thong Kee' Chinese restaurant! Best Food in the world must surely be found in Malaysia! Amen anyone?

Need Help

I managed to start the engine for the scooter today to make sure you don't get flat batteries when you get back Dad.... but I was unable to start the Kawasaki.

I put the key in and set it to 'on', and I pressed the start button (with and without the choke) but the engine just spluttered and died over and over again. What am I supposed to do?

Happy Valentines to Everyone!

On this day, I think of all the women in my life who have influenced me tremendously, my wife, my departed mom and my daughters Fei and Su . I can't help thinking about Grace, our family dog who just passed away recently, man's best friend indeed.

We're spending Valentines Day in Reno Nevada on the way to visit friends in Sacramento and the Bay area before getting back to Utah to catch a flight to New York City.

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