37th Anniversary on the eve of 2020 on 22 Dec 2019 7am

This blog starts at my usual time to be up these days by 7am or earlier, to begin a summary blog of why 37 years seems to be a special milestone for remembering our Anniversary, this being a blog conversation with Geok Lee.

Hi Dear,

It's me again, 'Mr Impromptu' who works very fast to get things done especially when I am inspired and filled with a strong passion. On this anniversary, I am celebrating not only with this blog post but with pre-launch activities from our new centre at Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang involved in a project named as "Transformation of Buildings and People" Here are some old videos created in the past and they will be followed by some new videos created recently, thus befitting the theme of celebrating our 37th Anniversary as "What's Old and What's New Today?"  For photographs, I'm posting them in this "Old and New" album I just created found in Facebook.

Old Videos

I know time is measured only to man and the three old videos above of marriages, first between us and later between our daughters and their spouses reflect our faith in an eternal God where there is no beginning and there is no end. I am inspired to share this anecdote about Elder LeGrand Richards and his wife, Sister Ina Richards. Le Grand Richards was an Apostle of great influence in my life when I first joined our Church 40 years ago:

“On their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary (1944), LeGrand said to Ina, ‘Mommy, what do you think we’ll be doing thirty-five million years from today?’ With typical spunk she answered, ‘Where’d you get such an idea? It makes me tired to think of it.’

“‘Well,’ he said, ‘you believe in eternal life. We’re told that time is measured only to man, and that with God there is no such a thing as time. It’s one eternal round, there’s no beginning and there’s no end. Now, Mother, if you believe that, you and I ought to be pretty well acquainted with each other thirty-five million years from today.’” (Lucile C. Tate, LeGrand Richards: Beloved Apostle, pp. 228–29.)"

New Videos

As I had mentioned about Faith, in my 7 years of focused research for my first book, I learned the difference between Faith and Belief. Most of us think its the same but when I came across Jordan Peterson in Dec 2018 to first buy his book and later watch him speak on YouTube videos, I was curious why he doesn't like to use the word belief with respect to God. By dedicated research and inspiration, I read Alan Watts's book entitled "The Wisdom of Insecurity" to learn this: Belief is more closed as the believer is open to the truth only if it fits in with his preconceived ideas and wishes. Faith, on the other hand, is an unreserved opening of the mind to truth, whatever it may turn out to be. Faith has no preconceptions, it is a plunge to the unknown. Belief clings but faith lets go. In this sense of the word, faith is the essential virtue of science, and likewise of any religion that is not based on self-deception.  I, therefore, can confidently share the following videos and stories where I have faith that you have been reaching out to me spiritually speaking or scientifically via quantum waves that scientists are still trying to figure out the Universe with!

Miracle Videos!!!

The first video is about the time within 7 hours before your passing when Han managed to call from London at his 7am to my cellphone when it was about 2pm in Singapore just after you finished talking to Su on my cellphone. I made a recording of what he said at your bedside with my phone on speaker mode to use that soundtrack recording for the video that is made up of some of his mission photos:

Click here to view the blog post describing this miracle moment.

In all my years living in Singapore, I've never been to a home where a power failure occurred nor did it ever happen in our Singapore flat. Another video recorded as a miracle video occurred 3 days after your funeral service which was a Saturday on 10th Nov 2012 as shared below:

Click here to view the blog post describing this miracle moment.

Click here to view the blog post describing this miracle moment.

So my Dear Geok Lee,

In conclusion on our 37th Anniversary, which to me is as if time just flew by at quantum speed, I am grateful I had the patience to keep journals the past 40 years that started when I was called to serve as a missionary.

After you passed away on 6 Nov  2012, 7 years after you were diagnosed with cancer in late 2005, I spent the focused time to leave all my busy entrepreneurial life to give priority to the boys in Singapore. I also truly followed my heart with the inspiration to write and publish my first book. It took the next 7 years to complete my research as I realized I had been out of touch with the Scientific world. In order to make sense to the tumultuous world that has become intellectual as well as technological,  I needed to go back to school to update myself with the latest science discoveries of the day.

How could I afford to do that when the boys were still needing to go to school at their young age? I resorted to the foundational themes of my 3 online journals I started in 2005 i.e. Body Mind Spirit or EQ IQ SQ or Familylane Fastlane Spiritlane.  I would be introducing the 3 themes in my first book where after my intensive research of the scientific world, I came up with another 3 names for the tripartite nature of Man that I had perceived since 2005. They are WEI, CHI, and SHI which stands for Western-Eastern Interaction, Computer-Human Interaction, and last but not least Spiritual-Human Interaction. To catch up with the latest science discoveries, an example of how I used my Mind or IQ to interact with the computer linked to the internet which I named as the CHI is when I linked to a Harvard Professor's intricate website of scientific knowledge found here. This is just one example and for whatever topic I wanted to learn, I could find other relevant or optimal sites too. My capability came from my long interaction with the computer since my university days studying computer science and pioneering into the business world of computers with you too remember?

Now to conclude, when I wrote the journal post "Touching Lives", I recorded that your brother's wife suggested I should write a book about you. Well at that time, I was only good at writing journals of my Consciousness or Awareness gained in my life so I resorted to my blogs and quickly included this in the "Touching Lives" post I had created in remembrance of you:

The Story about My Wife (a.k.a. The Unstoppable Mom)

Chapter 1 A True Story

Chapter 2 A Picture Perfect View of our life of imperfections

Chapter 3 Continuing life through to the New Millennium

Chapter 4 Another trip to the USA

Chapter 5 Starting the Journey of Challenges

Chapter 6 How she got to be called The Unstoppable Mom

Chapter 7 Facing the toughest challenge but not without miracles

Chapter 8 Continuing to Celebrate Life

Chapter 9 Enjoying loved ones who come home

Chapter 10 A planned trip that wasn't to be

Chapter 11 A funeral the way she wanted

Chapter 12 Touching Lives, in a Journey of Journeys

My first book is dedicated to you for your part in helping me in amazing ways to better understand the very theme of my book which is Human Consciousness.

Writing it enabled me to understand my own busy multi-tasking life, how I could master it and be productive too, which caused me to name myself to the family as "The Better Late than Never Dad" as doing too much often caused me to be late for some meeting, deadline or catching up what is going on in the real world!

This last video on Christmas evening KL time, in our family Google Hangout together, shows how I was the last to know that Su, our 2nd daughter is expecting her second baby. Everyone was asked to guess the sex of the baby who is already about 5 months old so watch the video to see the part I had mentioned you of having 2 girls first, thinking it could be her case too! Did you have anything to do with arranging who is the next spirit child who would be your grand-daughter???

The book will be available online in a customized site as my local and international team members continue to work on it. The above photo is from our first meeting together at my new office with a story at www.BlueBoyMansion.com  The Transformation of Buildings and People has indeed become the centre of my focus today, recognizing that change is never easy. It requires time and patience just as my journals of 40 years attest to, in order to achieve OPT or Optimal Performance & Thinking. No matter how difficult, it is too important to ignore or give up. My long and persistent research on Human Consciousness was necessary in order to share the latest knowledge to my readers of how to attain an optimal Consciousness or Awareness to ride the storm of rapid change in our modern world. Not just ride it but not to lose our mind or soul in the brave endeavor of trying to seek peace and happiness amidst chaos oftentimes! I have faith that it is possible!

.... to be continued

Postdated event : My international team failed me or we can blame the pandemic that disrupted the world! Nothing really stops me moving forward. To know what I did, click here.

Wow, the year 2020, is just around the corner.  It's 31st December night now already in Kuala Lumpur and the year ended with such a busy month for me in December and so fulfilling too that I can't find the time to record every moment live but the best I could do was to share what is "Old & New" to you in my conversational style online since I started this on 22 Dec 2019 at 7am.

My last new video above, before sharing a new category of miracle videos shows the boys doing their caroling quartet number with Fei visiting with them in Singapore which was a surprise to me while I was staying in KL busy with my Blue Boy Transformation project. The Single Adults in KL branch enjoyed themselves at our new Blue Boy Centre:

Then on Saturday weekend after Christmas at Blueboy, look :

Christopher was taking photos with his new Google phone to say it takes better pics with new technology than all his previous powerful cameras that we are aware of when he took photos at Su's wedding found in this family portraits album. (Reviewing the pics now, I notice his Google photos shots could change my shirt color above to make me wonder what color shirt was I wearing on that Saturday to confirm it was blue in the last photo above shot with my Lumix camera on a stand with self-timer. haha)

The following are photos from my camera:

Just when Fei arrived, she got to see the puppies running around, all seven of them with this special pose by the mother to feed all seven of them at the same time!

I screen captured my desktop to show that the pic was taken at 7:01pm on 28-Dec-19. Why? I consider coincidences as some kind of miracle in my open-minded faith unlike those with close-minded beliefs as explained above.

Post-dated photo with the boys at Blue Boy Mansion in the Chinese New Year month of Feb 2020:

See Dear, I was about to leave my Blue Boy Centre on 7th December 2019 as I was asked to cover with my camera the Church Christmas event shared in the video below:

I guess being in the Spirit world already, you will more fully understand why all these 'miracles' occur in our lives. I have had too many of them perhaps and though I've started a 'Story of 7' blogpost years ago as a metaphor for miracles in my life and later explained and shared miracles directly as I have done on this conversation with you, I have been too busy to record all of them online. Research and writing my book took priority and now I have more time perhaps to follow through but it isn't my priority as my book content with latest science discoveries should help readers understand what seems to be mystical to mankind.

Last but not least, as I was connecting to Alvin Lim on Facebook, my buddy now in Australia, to say that I will be active and cover with my camera the fireworks at KLCC soon as I saw him do in Melbourne just now as they are 3 hours ahead of us in KL, I like to end our conversation about Fei with these pics:

This photo was taken on Feb 7 in 1997 carrying Simba our favorite family dog that she had brought home from school. 

Of course grown-up and married now she has her own Gadget and I'm glad that I could go over to LA to visit her too shared in this journal post.

In our Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Rat which is Fei's animal and I think some wonderful things will happen in her life, not just puppies if you know what I mean!

Well, I did share the video of Su announcing her second baby above due in April next year. I did tell Fei before I realized Su was expecting that I had a dream about a baby!  Yeah, I talked to her and Christopher when they visited that they could adopt one right? All of us love her so much in the family and I even cried with her online one day! I followed her to be a blogger when she started first, especially sharing things so honestly and naturally!  

Goodbye now and this conversation will end as we start 2020 soon with more new stories and miracles to look forward to. 


The very latest for welcoming our earth year of 2020!

The fireworks were taken from the ground, away from the city as seen in the above video, capturing multiple fireworks as they were launched at various places in the city.

The most spectacular fireworks display recorded from my own camera must be this one below when Ern, our 3rd son was in KL recorded close to the KLCC at midnight to celebrate our Independence or Merdeka day of the year 2017! On the far left is my good friend, Cheng Rui(程锐), who is a top scholar from China.

I guess the last two videos shared also comply with the theme of our 37th Anniversary, "What's Old and New Today?" as introduced at the start of my blog conversation at the top.

P.S.  Oh I just like to add two more videos that resonate with "What is Old and New Today?" This came about after realizing that I didn't share something from my Consciousness that I've been telling others. This about my testimony that there is life after death and love can't just end with death. So this first video below helps me feel that:

Then I came across a new video in my research of Human Consciousness where I spent a bit of time wondering about animal consciousness. Watch the timed video below by Dr. Jane Goodall who has been studying chimpanzees all her life, to hear her express her feelings about life after death:

So Dr. Jane Goodall has the same feelings like I do, that when we die, it is not the end. She said she had extraordinary communication with her husband after he passed away! Does that sound familiar? To watch the complete video, click here.

Thank you for the spiritual connection we've had. I don't know how soon I have to leave life on earth to be with you again. Dr. Jane Goodall expressed in the video the same feelings like I feel, which is even though I'm older, I seem to be able to do more things or feel I am even tougher today than when I was younger! I know time passes by quickly and where you are, it would be even faster!

I miss you and love you very much. See you when I see you!

Dad the Kl City Kid

Postdated event: Birth of our 2nd grandchild Anya Liu Yu An by Su on 21 April 2020

Click here to view her new personal journal that is different from that of her sister Leah who was not born during the COVID-19 pandemic! 

Postdated event: 
4 April 2021
General Conference of the Church

My Happiest Day! A Temple of our Church has been announced to be built in Singapore!!! https://bit.ly/3mlKzSM

It's my happiest day not only because the Lord's temple is going to be so close for all of us living in Malaysia and Singapore, as announced by the Prophet in the above timed-video, but also Geok Lee's birthday is on 4 April. Whether she is alive or in the spirit world, she is still touching lives!

...and my online book became my life journals with my research on Human Consciousness completed found at www.AbacusToCloud.com  It's dedicated to my wife as introduced here.