Friends from School still together when most are turning 55

The old boys group from St John's Institution of Kuala Lumpur, Dad's Alma Mater, gathered together in Singapore again. The last was in the year 2010 as recorded on this post when Mom was still alive. When one can keep friends for so long from school, they are as close as family members to me with so many school day stories remembered vividly. Yes indeed, Families and Friends can be Forever! This is the very reason why the Alma Mater page is attached to our familylane website

This gathering at the King's Hotel in Singapore for dinner on 21 April 2013 was made up by mainly those who are now residing or working in Singapore with some coming down all the way from Kuala Lumpur. In this informal gathering or reunion of old boys, the latest updates on the school was shared with us by Megat Mizan Nicholas Denney, an old boy who now sits on the Board of Governors of the school.

What was shared by Megat was of concern to us as the fate of the school seems to be affected by a decision of the Catholic Church to take back the land the school sits on from the De La Salle Christian brothers institution. A meeting would be scheduled in October to further discuss this and to contemplate the future of the school that would celebrate its 110 anniversary next year! It was also mentioned that if the school were to continue in another location, it is desirous to take the school out of the Government system as all would agree that the standards of the school etc have dropped tremendously from what the old boys were familiar with. What was generally agreed among the old boys was that it would be good to keep the 'inclusive' culture of the school that we knew, ie the rich and the poor students could attend it, not making it an exclusive school for the rich. Also what was generally agreed by those in attendance was that in order to get the best teachers for the school, it has to pay good money to attract them and therefore privatization of the school would be considered.

Coincidentally the successful models of St Joseph Institution( a La Sallalian institution) and ACS Anglo Chinese School (managed by the Methodist Church) in Singapore were mentioned that happened to be the two secondary schools our boys had attended. A video I had taken in St Joseph is found here while one of ACS is found here.

More photos can be viewed in the facebook album

Remembering Mom on her birthday

This post is a continuing story of Mom explained at the bottom of the last post about her found here.

This music is from the soundtrack of a movie that we enjoyed as a family called 'Prince Caspian' from the Chronicles of Narnia. I am always inspired by certain music that will ring in my ear at certain times of my life for certain occasions and this is one of them for her birthday on this day. The lyrics 'You'll come back when it's over, No need to say good bye' rings in my ear.

The music would rekindle memories or feelings I have in my heart and pictures or videos would soon be linked to the music as will be shared below that one can view or read as the music video above continues to play :

Here is a blog pic that Han posted many years ago of Mom in her dream car for her birthday. Note the comments made in the blog post then that is now more familiar in facebook today that didn't exist yet in those days.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Happy Birthday to The Singapore Girl in her dream car! Please leave your greetings at the comments section provided, thank you


Han said...
Dream and dream Mom, one day that car might be yours heh heh... perhaps we can get you a toy model heeheehee.

Then, if Shuan succeeds in becoming a scientists when he grows up, he'll invent a shrink ray and make you smaller to fit into it haha....

oh wait, he should make an enlargement ray so he can make that car bigger heeheehee
Singapore Girl said...
Thanks, guys for the present!

Whatever the size, make sure the engine is working, hahaha.
Ernie said...
I wish you all the best
Singapore Girl said...
Thanks for the flowers too!!! They're beautiful.
Dad the KL city kid said...
Thanks Han for sending out the post this morning as I had to rush for an appointment! Guess Mom is getting her surprises bit by bit on her birthday hehehe. Hey this is even more fun than April Fool's day.

To release the next surprise, here is the blog that the perfectionist Singapore girl would not release yet. Check out 

As for the red Porsche surprise, hmmm.. maybe in the next next birthday ya??? hehehe
Singapore Girl said...
By the way, that's a ferrari (spell chk) and not a porche. hehehe.
Anonymous said...
Sis. Chong,

Happy Birthday and many Happy Days ahead!
Dad the KL city kid said...
Dang! That shows how much I know about fast cars! Will show you what I'm dreaming about though... 
Anonymous said...
Happy Birthday Sister Chong

Paul Oman
The Tandimans said...
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to one of the best mothers on earth...
from ALL of us in Indonesia,
the Tandimans and Elder Ng
Singapore Girl said...
Hah!! What a surprise, Bro. Oman. Thanks for dropping by!!
John Lee said...
This girl has so many birthdays over the years and does not look one bit older....what's her secret of youth !!!

A Very Happy Birthday to You !!!

PS. At least you are sitting in your dream car; mine still exist only in my dream :)
Phyllis said...
Hi !

Wish you have a Happy Birthday

Phyllis & Steven
New York - USA
Anonymous said...
Happy Birthday to a beautiful Singapore, KL girl! We send our love and best wishes from Oregon.
Dennis and Ramona
Anonymous said...
Geok Lee, its Darrell and Anne Ieremia. Happy Birthday!!! We think of you guys often hope all is well. You look good with the red car. Take Care.
Faye said...
Happy Birthday, Mom.

It only gets better from here! You deserve the best life has to offer.

I love you.
Anonymous said...
Dear Geok Lee,
Have a blessed and joyous celebration that is year round....till the next one!

Best wishes,
Joon & Ben Lee
Anonymous said...
Happy Birthday from all of us in Arizona. We hope it's a good one.
Jaime Caldwell
Singapore Girl said...
Thanks everyone for all your well wishes! My heart is full and the clock at home says 12.01am April 5. By local time my birthday is over, but the joy I felt today will definitely spill over into the years to come!
Marilyn King said...
Happy Birthday from Edmonds, WA. I know Sun Fu from our days at Enrich.
Marilyn King
Jared said...
Sorry I'm late!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
浩然仔 said...
Han's friend:

Hey uncle, nice one!
Michael Tamil said...
Happy birth day to you.Every birthday remaind us that we are preparing to
meet our health and wealth challenges.
Neil Solomon,M.D.,Ph.D. said...
Dear Sun Fu,


I did not know where to find "comments in her photo post."

Hope all is going well for you.

Eng Huey said...
Happy Birthday Geok Lee, you are 1 year younger in spirit I hope, forever learning & gaining wisdom & contributing to your calling. Wish you the very best esp. for this year.. Best Wishes from Eng Huey
Anonymous said...
Hi Geok Lee (Boh Lay in Hainanese: How have you been keeping? This is Eric and CHew Yian from Shanghai. Saw Sun Fu's email and decided to drop in and visit your family's blog. You have a wonderful family from what I can read.

I was the District Councilman for the China Shanghai Internaitonal District with responsibility for the Nanjing Branch. The Branch President there, Pres. Yu, said that a certain Sis Chong was there for a while. I guessed it must have been one of your girls. Not sure which one.

We'll be home this summer to send our oldest girl to college. Let's find some time to get together. It's been a while, hasn't it.

Soo Kee: Take care. Talk to you later.

Eric Chew Yian
We have celebrated her birthday in many different places such as the botanic gardens listening to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as blogged here.

When we couldn't get together, we even celebrated her birthday online through the internet! This was the birthday she acquired the title of 'Unstoppable Mom' as per the post here.

We had to visit her again on her birthday month. 

The location of her memorial plaque in Mandai is described in this post.

Here is a video clip of Mom opening her 50 letters on her 50th Birthday in 2012, filmed by Su when she made a surprise visit then and uploaded by her just recently, shared in facebook   :

Mom's never ending story will continue after this post to the next. Note that her continuing story started from the blog post here.

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