Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of the Sept 11 (9/11) disaster in the USA

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I am not an American but believe in the goodness of the country and its people who believe in freedom, kindness and opportunity for all mankind. They seek the ideals and are willing to share with others the opportunities while they are well grounded in the principles of freedom, accountability and self reliance. 

Photo taken by Mom at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre KLCC in 2001

We raised our family in Malaysia, thousand of miles away from the USA with our own different culture and our own different architecture of the Twin Towers. Even though there is much that differ between our two countries, there are many universal principles that apply to any country in the world.

On this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, after watching the replayed live recordings of that sad day on TV and the internet, I am reminded of the universal principle that life is fragile and we should not take our time on earth for granted. I am reminded of the importance of loving one another, especially close ones in our own family who need our love, patience and understanding, not forgetting our personal time with them as busy as we are in this rat race world that we may find ourselves in.

It was nice in the past week that I could spend personal time with our youngest Ray back in Malaysia for a short holiday from schooling in Singapore. Here is a graphic account of our time together :

Photo Story

I would go off the highways to explore the natural wonderland in Malaysia like following the Pahang river to find some natural lakes inland.

This is Lake Bera in south west of the State of Pahang.(Click this link to see the location map.) 

Coming back to KL is a always a great delight for the boys and Simba (now almost 15 years old in human years, or 105 dog years ), a reunion of forever friends 

Getting to zoom around in KL city on a scooter again.

or riding through the city streets on a bicycle

 Enjoying the fresh local fruits at a favorite stall in Ampang town

Slurping up his favorite chicken porridge in Pudu

Getting to cook his own favorite meal of bacon, sausages and eggs

Pulling Dad into his 'potato couch' TV games at times

While Dad gets to pull him out of the couch to see the ducks in the park!

Video Story

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Precious time spent with family
Postdated event : Year 2012

 In Memory of Mom who passed away on 6 Nov 2012

Precious time spent with family
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