The KL City Kid signs a lease agreement at The Twin Towers

Something's brewing....what's Dad doing signing a lease agreement at the landmark Petronas Twin Towers. What is he putting together as a management consultant? Is this the project he has been working for in the past 3 years? Keep checking this journal and his other related links to figure it out. Like the Aussie entertainer and artist Rolf Harris, you may always see all the strokes he paints but can only figure out what he is has painted only after the last few strokes of his paint brush!
Why is the bank officer getting the signature from Tun Hamid, the former Chief Justice of the country with Dad as the witness?
And what do these three men have in common with Dad? From left to right : an ND(Natropathic doctor), an MD (Medical Doctor) and a Reikki Master
What is a financial coach and author doing at the office talking to the Doctor?
Back at Dad's Creative Office, why do we have a street fighter turned Social Pastor talking to an Area Governor of Toastmasters International?
So what do you think Dad is launching in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon in his business?

A Mission Call for Chong Su Min

Su had received her mission call in a letter but would not open it without having all the family members and her friends with her. So the time was set for 1.35pm Malaysian time or 10.35pm Utah time for all of us to get online on the internet or be on the phone as she opened the letter in Provo. Dad was in Singapore while Mom and the boys were at home in KL and we got online. Fei joined us through the phone from Beijing.

It was 2.15pm by the time Su got connected and she asked each family member where they thought she would be sent. Mom suggested the Mandarin speaking mission in New York City while Dad and the boys said the Singapore Mission. At last she opened the letter and she read the letter to announce that she would be sent to the Mandarin Speaking Mission in Oakland and will also work at the Visitors Center of the temple. She should report to the Missionary Training Center at Provo, Utah on Wednesday, 31 January 2007. The exact content of the letter is typed out at Su's blog

Details and photos of those moments were captured by Su's cousin nicknamed 'Leeloy' found at his blog (Restricted access for approved email addresses only)

Interesting that in February this year Mom and Dad was in the grounds of the Oakland Temple and wanted to take a photo of ourselves with some difficulty. Just then a pair of Sister missionaries drove up in a car to help us. We found them to be from Hong Kong pictured below :

More pics found at the February 2006 post on this trip where we spent time with Su who was at BYU Provo for her studies.

Postdated event :  Her pre-mission and mission photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Look who's Birthday is it today???

Shuan Grows Up!!!

These are hard-to-come-by solo pictures of Shuan. (Thanks to Photoshop...we can get around things!) The one on the left was taken in the bus just before leaving for Singapore in May this year. The one on the right was taken at Singapore Science Centre during that visit in May.

The thing that's special about this birthday for Shuan is that it's his first birthday celebrated in Singapore. And what "better" reasons for him to be there than to sit for 3 DAYS OF EXAMS, starting on the morning of his 14th birthday!

We're proud of you Shuan! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Oops, the above birthday pics were the wrong ones.... 8 years too early!

Here are the real pics with Shuan at age 14 taken in Singapore

Uncle Yen Wei and family were there to join the celebration as it was at their home and the uncle stood beside Shuan to comment how much taller his nephew has grown up to be!

The rest of the immediate family members were faithfully present through the internet as usual.

Wow! A season of birthdays and now it's Ray turning 9

In every birthday celebration, there's got to be a cake and there's no exception for Ray, not forgetting the red eggs that came along with our Chinese tradition.
Then it's time to gather the family to sing the Birthday song but where are the others? Ernie, Fei and Su?
Ahhhh.... they're joining us on the internet, with Su in Utah on the top left of the screen , us in the middle, Ernie visiting in Singapore on the top right and Fei in Beijing at the bottom right with her cat!
At last, Ray gets to cut his cake as we sing him Happy Birthday so that he can get to open his present. He has been anxious all night!
And here is his cool present, a radio controlled flying saucer...
...and he has a successful take off with it! Bon Voyage Ray and have a great life ahead!