Ushering in the New Year with Changes

Here's Wishing You a Happy Chinese New Year of the Boar!
2007 is the milestone year for changes for the whole family.

The family performed a brand new dance in a talent show at the end of 2006

Brand new schools for all the boys in Singapore!

New furniture for the new family base in Singapore, with Su helping Mom to shop.

A brand new ward in the Singapore Stake for Church too! Thanks to the Clementi ward members who helped in the move in various ways including sending dinner, moving furniture plus loaning and donating essential items.

A brand new mission for Su to serve as a voluntary missionary for the Church in Oakland California for the next 18 months!

Dad's sighting the new Moon from his new office, working on a new project of some kind.

Some old things remain though like the Chinese New Year family reunion dinner in Singapore

Visiting family members in Kuala Lumpur
and other family members as far as Kuantan in the east coast.
Reunion dinner with old school mates from 1975!

Not forgetting the Chinese delicacies that come with the festive season. Anyone for dried pork to welcome the Year of the Boar?