The Happiest Day in my Life, 2021 USA date April 4


I discovered this waking up on Monday morning in Kuala Lumpur, that the General Conference of the Church in US on their 4th April afternoon announced that a Temple of the Church would be built in Singapore!!! 4th April is also the Birthday of my late wife Geok Lee who has been been Touching Lives when when she was alive and even years after!

Sunday morning I was at Church for the fast and testimony meeting. It was online for social distancing but it was announced we could be present in the church meeting house too! We had to inform the controller of the Zoom online meeting by chat that we would like to bear our testimony and I was informed that I will be next after Susie How. When I came up to speak, I just remarked that Susie and I believe are the oldest in age in the KL branch today where we both have outlived our spouses too! I remarked that had stayed up watching the opening session of the General Conference in Salt Lake City and when I woke up on Sunday morning, watched the latter part the Priesthood session too. I also mentioned that it was my wife Geok Lee who pointed out that the building we were meeting in could be acquired when I was a District President to arrange with our area office in Hong Kong to follow up.

After Church I went to visit a close friend living nearby whom I have brought to Church to spend the whole afternoon there chatting as usual, covering Gospel topics and others. I went home to break my fast and was feeling tired when I tried to go online. So I went to bed instead and had a good long sleep till 8am where after some morning routines, I went online to find that the live conference was over but they had this published news.

Wow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was repeating to my friend when we met that I always had a poor memory but through an OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking system I had developed on my own, I have used it to achieve all I wanted to in life! This included academia, technology, family, business, religion etc. I even fined tuned it by using latest online technology today to keep up with rapid information & scientific explosion occurring in the world. The friend was about 17 years older than me and wouldn't even have a cell phone. I therefore couldn't really explain how I use algorithms to build up all the information of my brain stored in the small phone that I could access any time on any topic I have chosen to store in the Cloud. This was when I pulled up one of my old book journals that I had brought to Church and an old diary, which were part of the system I had used in the old days to remember dates, events or my experiences in life that I wanted to remember. 

I didn't plan to visit this friend and brought them along as they were records I was using to refer them in writing a new online post I was working on. I also mentioned that I had met an online friend during the past Chinese New Year who was 91 going on 92 some time this April! This amazing man named Michael Rogge from Amsterdam Holland has been my pre-occupation of interacting with him online since we connected last Chinese New Year!

While being busy focused on Church and later on simply decided to meet this old friend, I actually was totally not conscious that April 4th on Sunday was my wife's birthday! I connect the dots only when I went online on Monday morning to view the last part of our Church General Conference! I enjoy my visits with this old friend who is a retired psychiatrist and could make remarks of myself that maybe I can classify myself as having a dialectic mind! Whatever mind I have has really has been consistent in transforming my life over time to suit new changes in the world! Most important is I feel I am really a down to earth or rational person trying to figure out my extraordinary experiences in Life! 

I had already learned the meaning and purpose of life when turned 21. I was just taking on the challenge of learning Quantum Physics and Human Consciousness which seems to be the latest trend or interest of science today. I guess those two subjects motivated me to start my own personal research and continue to record them as part of my life journals housed today at Afterall, journals have it's usefulness of introspection to all that I have learned or experienced in life and thus served as good addendum to my first creative book to know it is backed by 'Scientific & Spiritual' knowledge and experience of the author.

Happy Mother's Day wishes

9 May 2021 from Kuala Lumpur

My grandmother on my mother's side

My grand mother on my father's side

Geok Lee's mother

The children's mother with my mother

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