Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

The Chinese New Year of the Ox rolls in quickly this year, being in the month of January 2009 on the 26th day. Our Chinese New Year wishes go to all our Chinese friends throughout the world. With the economic recession looming in the air, we like to share with you some of the more creative wishes we have received :

"The Year of the Ox is here. We shall charge against the economic storm together, just like the horns of the Ox. Be brave, as God is with those who face reality. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the seasons of this Chinese 'Niu' Year. Wishing you & your family 'Gong Xi Fa Cai'."

"Every good & creative things come from above, therefore expect the best. The no. 9 is shape like the petrol pump, therefore direct the pump and let the blessings flow into your life and others close to you. And surely 2009 is the year where great wealth & health overflow for you to fulfil His Great Commission."

"Tikus lari, lembu mari, Soi pergi, Ong mari, Tahun lepas sudah pergi, Tahun ini mesti happy, Kena Magnum, Kena loteri, Banyak money, hua hi hua hi"

Besides sharing creative wishes, this year we are able to share a creative but realistic opportunity in a world wide business that I know can truly help many have a Happy, Healthy and Properous New Year! It all started with the Story of 7 so make sure you don't miss reading it here. I am now very focused on the building of a truly different Network Marketing Company called eXfuze with our American partners. Feel free to join me if you feel inspired from reading the true story and want to work towards Health and Prosperity instead of just wishing for it.

Our Chinese New Year celebration follows a traditional pattern but with some surprises along the way as per the following pictorial account :

We sent off greeting cards to our friends with known mail addresses, using a customized eXfuze card with a unique 'Good Luck' red packet.

We had a reunion dinner of our own family and missed our two daughters who are overseas.

We had a reunion dinner with the oldest of Geok Lee's family in Singapore with other extended family members.

We went out visiting relatives on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. Mom's 2nd sister is standing on the far left while her husband is sitting on the far right.

We visited friends on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year

We even watched a Chinese kung-fu movie. Usually it will be a Jackie Chan movie but since none was out this year, it was a movie about Bruce Lee's Master in China entitled 'Ip Man'.

And here are the surprises...
Our oldest boy Han, together with his cousin Ying Er who is from a different school, got their results that topped their schools to score 9 straight As for their O level examinations. See more pics and read Han's account here. His recognition at school with his Valedictorian speech is found in the next post.

And out of the Blue, our oldest daughter in Red surprised us with a visit from Beijing. She visited Singapore first and then came to KL to visit Grandpa pictured above who is 88 years old.

She got to visit other relatives in KL. My 4th brother Sun Ming is in red on the left while my oldest brother Sun Yit also in red is on the far right with his son Woon Ming in the middle.

You will notice from the above pics that RED is the color to wear for the Chinese New Year celebrations and to see who else wore red this year, Click Here