2009 The Year that was!

Another year gone by adds more volume of experiences of the family to the journals that I first started in March 2005. My burst of creativity led me to write more about business or intellectual stuff which created its own website. Meanwhile I started converting my personal hand written journals of spiritual nature to be on a blog of its own. After many years of writing, I eventually gained a wholistic theme of the Body, Mind and Spirit that clearly identifified reasons for my 3 different tracks of compositions. They are now found in the websites : www.familylane.info , www.fastlane.info and www.spiritlane.info 

So for the year 2009 that was, you can now read of our family experiences categorized under the 3 universal facets of life. Read first a special introduction to the Body, Mind and Spirit in a series of writings that I have named as 'My Heart and Mind' found here 

Only after you have read the introductory page of My Heart and Mind, in the link given above, will you find the following meaningful :



Read about Mom's continuing fight with cancer here

Read about Grandpa's sudden departure at 88 years of age here


Learn from Mom's account of the kid's accomplishments here

Learn how Dad charged through the economic storm here 


Immerse into Peace the Malaysian way here

Immerse into our simple Christmas joy here