We shall charge against the economic stom together, like the horns of the Ox

Father and Son indeed kicked off the Chinese New Year of the Ox with a charge of the horns as per one of the creative wishes received this year. (Read the last post below )

Dad found himself giving an Entrepreneurial speech in a Press Conference signing ceremony to promote Entrepreneurship in Malaysia :

(For more details, read the journal post here.)

His Son, Woon Han found himself giving a Valedictorian speech in a school Founder's Day prize giving ceremony to promote Academic Excellence in Singapore. Early notice of his amazing results of 9As for his O level examinations was recorded in his blog post found here.

Here are two videos of him recorded on this special day :

His academic achievements and accomplishments in life announced

His Valedictorian speech

Both Father and Son now have their profiles permanently etched in the family profile page found here.