Wedding of Phuong and Kean

A major highlight this year must surely be the wedding ceremony of the oldest son of my third brother, Chong Woon Kean and his beautiful bride Phuong held in Kuantan, Malaysia. They met at the University in Australia and were courting for many years before tying the knot.

It was probably the grandest occasion in Kuantan for this year, if not, certainly the most entertaining wedding that any guest would have ever experienced and here is why :

We have a beautiful couple, Kean and Phuong to entertain us with their charm and talents

The night before the wedding, we had a garden party with lots of food....

.... and music for dancing

not forgetting a table to gamble for fun!

Friends could reunite again as my oldest brother on the right meeting our old family friend "Ah Heng"

Brothers together too, Kean and his younger brother Kit

In the morning of the next day, we watched with fun what the Groom has to do to get the Bride!

Even cluthching a rose with his teeth!

Success at last to get his Bride!

Then the Tea Ceremony begins and here the Chong clan starts with my oldest sister Moon Lean

Followed by my oldest brother Sun Yit and wife Cynthia

2nd brother Sun Yeh and wife Hilda

Dad the youngest with Mom

Chong Fong and Nee Geok, oldest of my nephews generation

Chong Beng and Ai Lin

Chong Hee and Kim Ling

My nephew's children from Penang with the Bride and Groom

The two brothers and their life partners

A happy looking and contented father

and a mother who seems equally contented and happy

In the evening, the Bride and Groom started the dinner event with a dance performance!

They cut a real cake that could serve everyone dining that night

They popped the Champagne to kick off the 'Yum Sing' session

and the dinner ended with time for everyone to do their own dance performances

Even Malay style dancing was exhibited

With all the fun and delight captured on camera, guests could pick up photos of them to bring home!