Blessings of family events in the state of Utah, USA culminating in Fei's Wedding

It is simply amazing that a series of wonderful blessings have culminated for a few of our family members in the Year 2010 and all of them occuring in Utah!

Maybe we shouldn't be amazed as Mom and I made a decision in the early beginnings of our family to have our marriaged sealed in the Salt Lake Temple that first brought us to Utah. We decided on a spiritual path for our family and today 27 years after this decision we are seeing the Utah effect of these blessings from that decision.

A double Joy occured with our oldest two girls, Fei Min and Su Min this 2nd quarter of 2010 :

Su Min graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts studies from BYU in Provo, Utah while Fei Min is getting married in the Logan Utah LDS Temple.

Oh I know this isn't a real pic of the event as it's only happening the day after this post. This temp pic was taken when both girls were still studying at BYU Hawaii. Isn't it sooo appropriate?

More Old pics from the past

Su on her maiden trip to BYU Hawaii

Two girls were always together since young

Ok back to the latest pics. It was time to fly to Utah from Singapore and this is how many bags headed out for the trip :

How could 2 adults have so much luggage?? Answer : When mom brings stuff for her 2 jewels!

We landed in Salt Lake City airport to be met by Su who came with Juliana and Lee Roy, her cousins from Mom's brother Roy Thong living in Seattle

This is the home of Cathy and David Bush who is hosting our stay during the marriage of Fei and Christopher Wyatt at Logan Utah. Cathy and David are the parents of Chelsea who lives nearby our Singapore home.

That's Chelsea with her new baby Desmond carried by daddy Dixon Grant at our Singapore home. This is how the Singapore Logan connection first started.

Soon we met up with Christopher's mother Ranae Wyatt who came over with the new bride and groom to be, meeting informally for the first time at the kitchen of Cathy Bush

The Chongs finally got to meet the entire Wyatt family over a nice dinner cooked by Grandma on the right who has lived in this home for 50 years in Logan!

After dinner the ladies got busy with preparing for some decorations for the reception table

While Gary Wyatt the father demonstrates his camping cooking stove at the garage

Next day we are photgraphed in our Sunday best after the wedding couple received their personal endowments at the Logan Temple. Here are the Wyatts.

And the Chongs

Interesting to note that without any preplanning, the Chongs ended up with a primarily blue dressing theme on the left while the Wyatts were dressed in a primarily red theme. With Red White and Blue, that makes the colors of the American flag!

Indeed this entire trip has been very unique and interesting for mom and dad who came to Utah for the first time in 1983. We never expected to have received the blessings of this day in Utah. Mom even had her life long dream fulfiled. Watch the video clip below:

Ray has found it unique and interesting too for this is his first trip to America and you can tell from the photo below he is entirely overwhelmed by the experience :

You can watch him playing with the snow on video by clicking here

All the above photos had it's origin from a pictorial story that can be viewed by clicking RIGHT HERE More photos are to come as the marriage sealing of Fei and Christopher takes place tomorrow Sat May 29th 2010 at 1.30pm with a wedding reception at 5.30pm Utah time where there will be a live broadcast planned for viewing at Msia/Spore time to watch is 7.30am on Sunday but there is another live broadcast on Sat 12 mid nite which is 10am morning here where Christopher has to negotiate and overcome obstacles to get his bride Chinese style!

Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5





Post Wedding trip photos below :

Visit to Los Angeles, California

6 Years later :

Click on the pic below to see Fei's complete facebook post on their 6th anniversary in the year 2016.

This is the moment Christopher first laid eyes on me the day of our wedding, 6 years ago. That look on his face melts my...
Posted by Fei Wyatt on Monday, May 30, 2016

Mother's Day of the Year 2010

Living in the 21st Century to celebrate Mother's day brings a new surprise this year! We are now able to have a Live Broadcast from just using Dad's cell phone with instant transmission to the webpage at the Familylane website. Dad's journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and return on Mother's Day weekend was covered with some of the following live broadcasts that can be replayed by clicking the links below :
Pre journey visit to the Kuala Lumpur Wet Market. Buying fruits at the Highway Rest Stop. Mother's Day live broadcast at the Singapore Church.
A nice Sunday early dinner was prepared with the help of the boys with friends of Han making a surprise visit. Here are a couple of photos taken on Sunday:

Mom given an everlasting yellow flower at Church

All gathered at the dining table for an early dinner on Mother's Day

Click here for a slide show to Mom on Mother's day. Imagine without Mom, none of the fun family pics in the slide show would have been possible.

In the very last minute of Mother's Day weekend, you can click here to see who didn't want to be missed out on all the live broadcasts going on!