A Time-Travel Post - Sorry Work on this is Still in Progress!

Please Come Back to check again Thanks!

Ok thanks for coming back here to read as this is truly an unusual post that is caught in the middle of time. Let me explain. I only started blogging in the year 2005 and most posts are in time sequential order with the latest at the top of this blog journal.  Prior to this, my 'familylane' stories really began way before the 1st post started. So in the Christmas of 2016, I started going backwards to create posts before the year 2005. Click here to enjoy the first of such posts!

If you are interested in the lastest discovery of science on this date, you can learn more about the discovery of gravitational waves that could make time travel a reality in the future by clicking here.

Here is an article that shares opinions of whether the discovery of gravitational waves can enable to make time travel a reality:

Click here to read the article.

Here is a video based on our latter-day scriptures from our Church about Light and Truth that I find very enlightening :

The exact verses that talk about Light and Truth is found in our Doctrine and Covenants, Section 88 verses 6 to 13. Click here to read it.

Watch this video about our galaxy and appreciate how much more there is to learn about it just like humans wanting to learn about the existence of a God!