A New Baby in the family, not mine but a new Grand Nephew

Received an sms announcement from my 4th brother Sun Ming on this day that her daughter Ee Rong had just given birth to an 8lb baby boy at the Gleneagles hospital in Kuala Lumpur at 1448pm. I was puzzled by the time stated as it was just about past one in the afternoon at lunch time when I got the text message so I replied with a congratulatory text. I also asked why born at a future time in which he replied with an error correction that it was 1248pm. Haha.., that was his first grand child so it was not surprising that he was overly excited to text the wrong time. Evan John Rustrick is his name and becomes the 14th baby in my total number of grand nephew and nieces that I have. Hmm .... makes me wonder when will I become a grandpa too ???

Here is Mom and the baby at 10 days old

The only photo taken so far with his eyes open

Oooo...it's been a while since I carried a baby in my arms but after 6 babies one doesn't forget easily.

Evan John Rustrick slept throughout his official full moon close family lunch celebration, with Great Grand Pa present at 88 years of age. Another party will be held at their home next week for other friends and relations. On the right corner are the brand new happy looking parents who got married last year. See the wedding video

Congrats Ee Rong and John from all of us!