You can tell it's Chinese New Year time in Malaysia!

China town is all lit up
There are long queues for 'Ba Kua' or jerky meat Asian style
Mom's getting some too!
Then there's the fruits
and the pussy willows, all traditional Chinese New Year items
At last the home is stocked with the Chinese New Year goodies
And the reunion begins on the eve with tossing of the 'Yee Sang' or raw fish dish
To warm up for the Chinese New Year, Grandpa celebrated his 85th birthday a week earlier
Present were friends, grand children and great grand children
Aren't they cute?
and they come in all ages and sizes....
Some are younger boys playing soldiers
Others are with boyfriends or getting married!
The teenage boys had their own table to gather
With plenty of food in the front and in the kitchen!

The second day is when the youngest visit the oldest in the family

After all the food and sweets, it's nice to be able to exercise in the park

How we spent the first few days of the New Year

We invited family over for 'Steam Boat' dinner
We played games at home, mom turning the dial of 'Twister'
Ray was baptized by his favorite Primary teacher Solomon from Ghana
The whole family was there to witness including Grandpa
It was time to drive 'Su-pid Cupid' to the airport
Last smile together before Su Min flies back to Provo Utah after the short Christmas break at home!
We were invited by family for dinner
We had an early reunion of school friends of Dad from St.John's
And that of Han's
All from the Tsun Jin Chinese High School
The family made sure we continued to have scripture reading together
We had a visitor from New Zealand named Philippa
and Jackson with his new wife Mali, both from China
Fei wanted to treat the boys ice skating at the 'Pyramid' before she returned to Beijing
So there we are all looking as professional as we can in the skating ring!

We had Jarrod from the US baking cookies with FeiWe took the boat out to a nearby lake
So that Fei could enjoy the warm Malaysian water on the last day of her visit.
In the night time, it was her turn to head out to the airport too.

and the boys are back to school again, six days a week for the older ones!

How we spent the last few days of the year!

We had family visit us from Singapore after Christmas and had a good time together
We went to the KL Twin Towers to watch a movie and had fun walking together
With the two older boys back from their Taiwn trip, we were a full family again
We shared our talents on the eve of the new year at Church and danced till the count-down!
At the stroke of mid-nite we hugged and wished each other "Happy New Year!"

We took our first family photograph together at church on 1st January 2006!