Time Travel back to the Christmas month of 1981

(This is a Time-Travel post as explained in a post of the future found here.)

18th December 1981 in Petaling Jaya during my mission days :

12th June 1982 in Singapore on my first date after my mission with Geok Lee to visit mutual friends, Jon & Doreen Lim :

2nd July 1982, Geok Lee's first flight to Kuala Lumpur  to meet my mother :

6th August 1982, our engagement in Singapore :

22nd October 1982, my mother passed away :

22nd December, our civil marriage registration in Petaling Jaya

15th January 1982 Church wedding reception at 253 Jalan Bukit Timah Chapel with photography at the Botanic Gardens, Singapore :

22nd December 1983 Our Temple marriage in Salt Lake City USA

This would be our first visit to the USA.  For me it would be the first of my 26 trips there counting the last trip in the US summer of 2016 as shared in this 'Epic Journey' blog post. Click here to do an online journey at that time.

Before heading to Salt Lake City, we first landed in Las Vegas where there was a computer 'Comdex' show.

In the computer show, I happened to meet up with a member of the Church from Utah who drove down to Las Vegas for the show too. He was nice enough to give us a ride to St.George area where my former mission president, Talmage Jones, and his wife was living in. They assisted Geok Lee to receive her temple endowments in the St George Church Temple. From there my 'mission father and mother'  drove us to Salt Lake City where he had arranged our temple sealing to take place in the Salt Lake Temple on 22 Dec 1983, exactly a year after our civil marriage in Malaysia. Everything went smoothly and beautifully to be remembered for many years to come in the future!

While in Salt Lake City, we were well hosted by returned missionaries I knew while I served in Malaysia and also Church member friends who used to work in KL. We also got to meet Malaysian and Singaporean members studying in BYU Provo

 Rex Nielsen playing the violin above with his mother taking care of Geok Lee in a small reception they had in their home on occasion of our marriage sealing at the Salt Lake Temple

Some of the people in the above pics have passed on to the next world in which I have kept a journal post in memory of them here. I have been back to Utah many times since then for Church weddings of our two daughters, for my business meetings or conventions, the last at this point of writing, was the summer of 2016 where Shuan our 2nd son received his temple endowments in the new Provo downtown temple before leaving for his mission in London. It was also a family reunion time and marriage for the children's cousin all shared in the link given above named as the 'Epic Journey' post.

The main reason we went to Salt Lake City Utah was to receive this Temple Sealing Certificate, of course with the blessings that come with it, where in our faith, we can now even travel further beyond the limitation of time and space that most experience on the earth.

Geok Lee passed on to the spirit world on 6 Nov 2012 where the limitations are no longer applicable to her. On the other side of the veil, I believe she would meet many of our friends and family members who have departed found in journals here and here.

I can feel her encouragement to me while I still live in this limited world and have lived my life in such a way many wonder how do I find myself in so many places doing so many things. My simple answer is Faith, Prayer, and Action. We have done that when we are together and death doesn't stop us from continuing on. Enjoy the three videos below :

Some coincidental occurrences happened while working on this blog post that encompasses the theme of 'Time Travel' which is worthy to be shared in another blog post of mine entitled 'The Story of 7'. Read on...

I like to thank a brother Patrick Choong from Penang, an LDS member who is regularly included in my prayers for him each night who sent me this link as I was composing this blog post.  Click this link here that accurately describes what I believe in and have a strong testimony of. Yes, I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for many years now filled with relentless energy! I am glad I have received my Patriarchal blessings before I was called to serve my mission in my home country of Malaysia.

After I shared this post to my wife's facebook timeline, I re-read the writings of the link given above and notice the writer is a father of 7!  Look what I shared on my wife's timeline by clicking here.

I added this screen shot for those who are not a friend with my wife on facebook as you won't be able to view the post I made on her timeline.

Never mind about this coincidence so let me tell you what else happened. I got tired of getting all my stuff done before leaving for Singapore and took a short nap. When I woke up I just did a quick check on my facebook to see this :

I clicked the notification that tells me 7 of my fb friends has done something in facebook so the name Claudia Richards caught my attention as she is a close friend of my wife Geok Lee and felt pleased she liked the photo I posted. 

But I wasn't sure who was Brian Howell so I clicked for his timeline to read my last chat message with him to realize he is a returned missionary that had given me his mission info late and I had also forgotten to update his info to the facebook group names list that I had started years ago!

Of course, my eyes were quick to pick up the 07/07 numbers of his date stamp! And seeing the year 2014 made me feel bad as I somehow missed his message to update it promptly!

Realizing that I had goofed up myself to have not followed up to update the list with his info, I apologized and did it right away! Then I got a pleasant surprise when he replied my chat message :

He actually carried my grand daughter Leah??? Who is this man I wonder other than knowing that he is a returned missionary who served in Malaysia and Singapore who from his facebook info says he is from New York where I received enlightenment of why I write what I write shared here. 

The whole experience of a miracle like a coincidence is shared in my Story of 7 post here.

How does one travel from one dimension to another? Just try to follow my stories shared with you by clicking relevant links on this post that I have shared for the reader and try not to get lost! Using a notebook or computer would be more advisable than using just a smartphone with sensitive touch screens and poor management of multiple usages of windows or frames! Also, I've used multimedia videos that you may need to spend the time to watch. Yes, technology is bringing us closer to the unknown and unseen and one can't learn or enjoy more if he or she is always busy and in a hurry! The irony is technology seems to keep us busier and encourages us to take shortcuts!

Ahh, I guess the answer is to know how to choose our OPTIONs in life well as briefly explained in my New York city discovery or enlightenment experience. There are different dimensions to tackle in human life. Nothing comes easy and the key is in self-mastery as opposed to the way education tries to teach students how to pass academic examinations to obtain that important certificate. If you have watched the two videos above, self-mastery has been achieved by the pianist who is Han my oldest son who composed and played the music by himself for the 2nd video and with other family members for the first. He knows how to spring over academic hurdles, being a Yale-NUS ASEAN scholar who plays a lot of computer games too! I compare him with Alvin Tan, an ASEAN scholar too in NUS(National University of Singapore) for legal studies but Alvin messed up his life because somewhere along the way, he missed learning about a dimension in life that many lack, the spiritual dimension! How do I know that? Easy, I read the books, blogs, and journals people write to analyze their Heart and Mind. A friend loaned me his book to read which has been banned in Singapore and Malaysia. He blames the father and then the governments of Singapore and Malaysia. I guess he blames God too or doesn't think he exists. If only his father or the father of the countries he lived in truly understand the whole truth and nothing but the truth about our Creator and his ways, he and many others would turn out a contributor to society instead of a menace! I wish him well and that he may be enlightened one day, hopefully before he hurts more people besides himself!

The last video I like to share is performed by wonderful people whom I have got to know either recently or many years ago. Listen to how beautifully they sing to remind us this Christmas season the true meaning of Christmas :

Time Travel forward to Jan 2016 and backward to 1986

The new year of 2017 quickly ushered in and in early January weekend of 6 and 7th, a missionary couple Stuart Lyons and his wife Judy on their way home after their Thai mission, came to Kuala Lumpur to look for old friends of KL branch when they lived with their family in 1986-87
Comments I added in the facebook post above embedded below or can be also viewed by clicking the comments icon at the bottom left of the fb post seen just above :

Time Travel forward to 17 Nov 2017
In Singapore early in the morning as the clock shows

At this hour, I woke up to continue to work on my book project covering a major topic that science and religion are getting close to finding answers to a subject like our human CONSCIOUSNESS. For some reason, I recalled a special blog post that I did some time ago which I had forgotten about that traveled back in time before I first started writing online journals in 2005. I had backdated the time stamp of the post to place it before my 1st blog post of 2005.  Since I had now discovered the blog post, I started updating it to add more events where I had stopped.
Suddenly a facebook post about cancer by an old trusted friend, Alvin Lim below popped up on my computer screen. 

I created a new 'Time Travel Video' for this blog post, seen above, to mark this coincidence. I posted comments to Alvin's post about this coincidence seen in the screen shot pic below :

As I had responded to Alvin's live fb post on boating in the sea by sharing 2 videos that have Geok Lee in it as comments to his post, I have embedded his original post and our boat videos below :

Did my consciousness lead me to discover my error?

Wow on this afternoon of 17 Nov 2017 I discovered I "Goofed UP" doing Geok Lee's 5th Anniversary video and posted the correct video in the comments section embedded on this post below. The original video had the title at the beginning of her passing since 7 Nov 2012 which should be 6 Nov 2012. The video was posted on the correct date of her 5th Anniversary though i.e. 6 Nov 2017

Dear Mom, 5 years have passed since you left us for a Happier Place and know that we miss you and love you very much. Fei Wyatt Su Min Chong Han Chong Chong Woon Ern Chong Woon Ray
Posted by Sun Fu Chong on Monday, November 6, 2017

As I continue to work on the subject of consciousness for my book, I've learned the weakness of our consciousness in making mistakes and forgetting details when we are working on them! I am grateful that I have the computer as a tool to augment my consciousness to double-check my online records to catch this blatant error of mine!

I'm grateful for Geok Lee to be a forgiving wife to all the mistakes of my life and she even shared it publicly in a story contest, going back to 27 Marc 2010, that I would enjoy watching again embedded below :

The full post covering the press interview of us can be viewed by clicking here.

Predated event:
I now have the option to launch my book on either Nov 6 or 7 in the year 2019 that is dedicated to my dear wife and the wonderful children she raised and bore! Why Nov 7? It's become my lucky number since this journal post was started.  Click here for more on the planned launch date of my book,

19 Nov 2017
Storytelling Festival in the National Library of Singapore

Strangely as I did the above post a couple of days ago early on a Friday morning, I didn't recall I was invited to a Storytelling Festival by Sheila Wee who is Geok Lee's friend, the Founder and President of the Storytelling Association of Singapore. On Saturday night, I suddenly remembered and had to check my event notification to know when was the event to realize it was the next day on Sunday!

I immediately fb messaged her that I would be coming

She sent me the event schedule so that I could plan my visit after Church on Sunday

So everything turned out well and I could be there to meet members of the Storytelling group that Geok Lee had known.

An extra bonus was that a distinguished Toastsmaster member from Kuala Lumpur whom I know by chance happened to plan to be at the event too and I got to spend time with her. She made her own post on facebook after the event as shown in the screenshot below :

Isn't it amazing how things turn out unexpectedly to make my stay in Singapore very pleasant indeed?