Rolling into 2022

A picture paints a thousand words

This is my joy at the start of the new year where pictures say it all captured on early Monday morning of my 'Preparation Day'.

I was very busy in the yearend of 2021 recorded here.

Fei whom I missed in our year-end family online gathering made it up with sharing a video and many pics on FaceBook selectively shared below:

Now why was I up so early to be able to catch her FB post and share her photos in my first journal of 2022? I was getting my apartment ready to facilitate all that I want to do or achieve in this New Year!

More romantic cosy view:

The little things I do everyday of my life which needs to be added to  On another early morning of another day perhaps!

The New year kicks off a fresh start of Birthdays for everyone, my children and grandchildren. A video from last year came to my attention only at the start of the year and I like to share it here:

The video is appropriate as the theme is "A Child's Prayer" where Su sang it in a duet. Su with her husband and children are living in US just as Fei and her husband are too so the stock of photos above received only in 2022 shares times when both were able to get together!

Leah's birthday is round the corner on Jan 18 so I am planning to kick off this year in this journal covering her birthday too. With the birth of Fei's baby anticipated in March, I will continue a whole new series of family posts as the year moves on!

18 Jan 2022 in USA but 19 Jan in M'sia

Her mom sent this pic the next day and my response was, "Hope all the toys I buy aren't too advanced for her haha!"

From 2022, my mind reminisces on how it all began in 1982 and earlier! :
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