Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A letter/blog post of sharing my "Feelings" to my LSD friends of Lima Sains Dua 1975 and affiliates.

My Dear Friends or should I address you as My Dear Brothers!

Please take some quiet time to reminisce what I am about to share below. It's from the Feelings of my Heart and some Thinking of my Mind. It will only take me a short time to share online as I have spent my life being a "Chronicler" that I didn't realize. This title was given to me by our intelligent former Microsoft MD in Malaysia, Benedict Lee Ban Hock not too long ago in our brief online chat.

The last photo above from my memory was after our Form 5 major exam and we all wanted to celebrate and had a party at Kim Hock's residence at Jalan Yap Kuan Seng which is very near the KLCC today! Now the reason the red arrow points to Zubir is just a few nights ago, we had a long chat on the phone. He was the only Malay boy from school that I could keep in touch with as he grew up with me in the same Kampong of Ampang Jaya together with another Johannian named Alvin Lim Kim Chuan whom I classify as affiliates of our Legendary LSD class. Click here to jump below to the section where I will write what Zubir shared with me that helped me reawaken my Consciousness of how special our Class of 4 and 5 Science 2 was that planted something in us that made a big difference for our future in terms of the rationale we would have to create our own narrative that would strongly influence the decisions of our life's future after leaving school. 

I say 'Legendary' as this plaque we donated to the school was to encourage others after us to follow the same Spirit of the Eagle that made us Legendary!

Now after Form 5 in 1975, we began to go in different directions as some did not continue to Form 6.

This could be the last gathering of most of us still in Kuala Lumpur in 1976

Now some started to journey overseas like this photo in London UK of 1976 Nov/Dec.

After one year at Taylor's matriculation program, it was my turn to go overseas for my education in Feb 1977. Grateful to have this pic to remind me of my LSD and affiliate friends who too the trouble to see me off!

I guess the magnet of the LSD 'Feelings' caused me to find Victor Liow whose family had migrated to Melbourne Australia.

This strong magnetic force also worked on Govind who like all the years to this day, he will suddenly show up like he did in the photo above after hitchhiking all the way from Perth to find me in Geelong Australia before finding his way hitchhiking to Europe and then finally to the US to continue his education!

This photo shows my Mom and Sister-in-Law visiting me early 1978 to check on me haha! I share this photo to highlight Lim Tong Leong who is the older brother of Alvin Lim Kim Chuan, from my same kampung who was the very reason why I chose to study in an unknown University in Geelong when my matriculation results qualified me to go to Melbourne Uni or RMIT college. I felt that he was a Johannian affiliate to LSD too due to his younger brother who is also an LSD affiliate who became my buddy for life! It was the best decision I made as from my buddy's brother, I learned how to be really independent by picking his Architect's brain and follow all the crazy outdoor lifestyle he exposed me to in Australia.

Something happened to me in Australia where from LSD mindset, just before I turned 21 in the year 1979, my life was augmented with the LDS culture, same 3 letters slightly changed in its order! LDS was the short form for the full name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
After I graduated from the university in 1980, I came home to serve a voluntary mission for the Church.

My old friends of Sc2 made an effort to come and visit me in Kuala Lumpur where I was based for some time.

While serving a mission from 1980-82, I had developed the habit of keeping a personal journal

After I completed my voluntary mission for two years, I found my future wife in Singapore and we planned some holidays in KL during our short courtship with another courting couple Ben and Swee Joon who did their sixth form in SJI together

When we all finished our education, the marriage course or of course was the path to follow and here is a photo of Ben and me in our dating years in 1982 on a trip to Fraser's Hill together with our future wives!

However, the strong bonds of "Feelings" kept us two couples close to each other together with many of our other classmates for many more years to come:

At Benedict's first home in 1986, after being the first to be married, that we are aware of as those days there was no cell phone or internet to easily know for instance if Baldev Singh got married earlier or not than Ben and Joon. We were glad to have an informal reunion to also help him move some furniture too as helpful friends.

After that time, many of us began to become busy in establishing our careers as well as starting our own families. There were only smaller reunions that occurred for our 5 Science 2 or Lima Sains Dua (LSD) group with our affiliates until:

20 Oct 2013
Turning 55 reunion video history

8 Dec 2018
Turning 60 reunion video promotion:

Sharing of the discussion about why our 5 Science 2 or Lima Sains Dua LSD class was exceptional in a phone call with Ahmad Zubir:

To be continued and edited where necessary...