Wednesday, April 22, 2020

First 2020 Familylane post

The World Health Organization announced the Corona Virus, identified in Wuhan, China, in the month of December 2019, to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020. It then recognised it as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Details of the disease, cases death etc and more about the measures taken to solve the problem can be found here.

Malaysia followed up with MCO Movement Control Order that involved a lockdown of families and individuals to stay home that started on March 18 to last to March 31. It was further extended on March 25 to to April 14. At this point in writing, the MCO was announced on April 10 to be extended to April 28 with details and more updates found here.

This post will be short and compact using links, photos and videos as explained in my First 2020 Spiritlane post. I hesitated to start any new post until my book is completed. The pandemic experience and promptings just before the Church general conference in April got me fired up to write the first Spiritlane post. What got me started here?

I've always shared my favorite quote online that "Families and Friends are Forever." I was doing fine with simple responses to family and friends on Facebook until I got this photo and news on Messenger!

21 April 2020. Born at 9:16am.
No name yet.
7lbs 8oz; 21 inches long

In our Dec 2019 Google Hangout with all the family members, we were informed by Su of her forthcoming 2nd baby daughter as per this timed video.

My comment, after my congratulations, was to say that the new baby had longer hair than Leah when she was born as per the photo I had sent above.

Then I sent Su's baby pic to say that the new baby has even more hair than her Mom had when she was born!

Well, our family members are slowly but surely increasing in numbers over time. In the same google hangout video last Christmas, Han talked about plans for his marriage event in Toronto Canada as per this timed video. His bride will be Helen Jin who is usually camera shy all the time when I knew her at college with Han but on their graduation day, I was given a great privilege to shoot whatever I wanted as per the video below in the year 2018. What a great joy it was for me!!!

Last year in 2019, we had good practice for a wedding reception when Han was asked to be the MC for a friend's wedding and I was assigned to be the photographer/videographer to be able to share this video.

We have been having our family reunion since the Mom of our family passed away in 2012, every 2 years since then as in 2014, 2016 & 2018. So 2020 seems perfect to have a new baby join us and a wedding as well. Hopefully all MCOs would be a thing of the past by August when Han and Helen plan to have their marriage registration and reception in Toronto Canada. (Postdated news: On 1 May 2020 the family had a google hangout with a video brief below.  Not included in the video, I asked Han about his wedding plans. He confirmed that it would definitely be postponed to the following year. The pandemic with the continuing extension of the MCOs would not be conducive for any travel plans.

I got another photo from Su of the baby with an English name confirmed:

Anya Liu Yu An is my name! I whispered to Grandpa that my name given to me sounds in line or rhythm with the Lion King music he used for the wedding video mentioned above before I was born!

1 May 2020

Anya's older sister Leah is seen playing her dolls with Grandpa. She turned four on Jan 18th earlier in the year. How time flies as one can review her progresss in life since her birth by scrolling up her journal post after viewing her birthday video here. 

19 June 2020
Anya Liu face to face with the camera

Leah Liu entertained by the guys or is she entertaining them?

10 July 2020
Anya's baby blessing via an online Zoom meeting

12 July 2020
Talk assignment on Sunday Church via an online Zoom meeting, "Choose the Right."