Monday, January 18, 2021

First 2021 Familylane post

18 Jan 2021

Today is the birthday of my first grand child Leah Liu Yu Li who turns 5 years of age with a video recording here. While it is night now in Kuala Lumpur, it's just early morning of the same day in the USA. Her birth and growing up years including a trip to Kuala Lumpur for our family reunion in 2018 is recorded in this family post. Leah had a baby sister Anya Liu Yu An born on 21 April 2020 where both their pics are found in this post.

Before the day is over, I like to include a special 'Nonya' lady I met in Penang in 2020 who is also born on this day too. 

Why is she special? Well she is born on 18 Jan 1938 that makes her 83 years old today and look how active she is dancing in this video:

Her name is Annie Lim, born in Singapore and made her home in Penang where I was introduced to her by my friend Ang in the photo above with three of us together!

She is famous in Penang well covered by the press as shared below

I had to interview her to find out more information of her amazing life and vitality to have roles to act in the following movies:

Anna and the King (Penang)
Road to Dawn (Penang)
A Tale of Two Cities (Penang)
Dream Hotel (German film in English)
Love & Death at Java (Penang - German film in English)
Shining Love (Penang - Mandarin)
Mata Mata (Penang - Mandarin)
Wedding Diary (Penang & Singapore)
You mean the world to me (Hokkien)
My Papa Rich (Penang - Jack Neo Instagram)
Unforgiven (Penang)
Crazy Rich Asian (Blue Mansion)
The Journey (Chinese movie)
Media Corp 2019 (Promoting Peranakan Culture)
Kung Fu Taboo (Penang-Julia St temple)

On top of all that, she has 5 sons and 3 daughters with 20 grand children!

The only other famous 'Nonya' lady I know is when I was researching for my family history who wrote a book entitled, 'Memories of a Nonya. Her name is Queeny Chang shared here.