Latest Pics of Sister Su Chong in her Mission at Oakland California

Working at the Visitors' Center of the Oakland Temple has some nice surprises :

Paulo Bangerter and family visiting, Dad's old friend from Utah

Christopher Wyatt, Fei's boyfriend visiting from Beijing on April 6, 2008

With an old friend of Fei named Issac from Beijing also who came with Christopher

Su with her companion Sister Leung in the centre and Sister Soh from Singapore

Postdated developments:  More photos and captions of Su's mission can be found by clicking here.

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks Irene for the dedication of this song for Geok Lee

Connie Talbot was a finalist on ITV's 2007 Britain's Got Talent show. At only 6 years old she conquered the hearts of the nation. The 2008 version of Connies album Over The Rainbow is No. 1 in Taiwan in the International Charts, ahead of Madonnna and Mariah Carey! The album also hit the top spot in Korea, and is No. 5 in the Hong Kong charts! It has also been recently released in Singapore.

Here is a video clip of her in the UK talent show with Simon Cowell :

To see and hear more of her, check out her Website

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