Han clutches 3 Awards in Singapore's Junior College 2010 Awards Presentation

As a Sec 4 Science Stream student in ACS up to the O Level examinations in 2008, Woon Han's climax was to top his school as the Valedictorian. He decided to have a go at the Arts Stream in the two years of his Form 6 classes at ACJC, preparing for his A Level examinations. Just before his actual A Level examinations, the college gave him 3 awards in their awards presentation night. The first was for his participation in the Choir as the President.

He receives his certificate from the Guest of Honour, Dr Anne Tan Kendrick The next award was for Performance Arts Award videoed below :

The third award was special as it was kept to the last, being the Principal's Honour Roll videoed below :

Here is the proud mother having a conversation with Han's economics teacher.

A proud moment for the parents who were invited for a photo session with the ACS Board of Governors Chairman Mr Richard Seow in the centre, the Principal Mrs Kelvyna Chan in pink and the Guest of Honour Dr Anne Tan Kendrick in yellow. We enjoyed the light conversations with them as we sat on the same table for dinner after the award presentations.

Above are all the students who qualified to be in the Principal's Honour Roll

Going Back to School again.

Going back to school today feels different from ages ago. For a start , there wasn't a tower overlooking the school as we see now :
View of the school building from the basketball court And the students don't look young enough! Therefore it was appropriate that Dato' Dr Hamzah Kamarulzaman, a heart surgeon and ex Johanian, teaches these fast aging students about Heart Disease Here are videos of his lecture in parts : Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 After the lesson, everyone seemed to be able to sing with younger hearts! After school, we used to hang out at A&W in the AIA building but this time we find ourselves hanging out at a place that doesn't have root beer in the menu! Cheers with my hot chocolate!
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This must be the month of reunions with old friends for me. Compare the old pics with the new ones taken just this month of September 2010 :

In the year 1970 in St John's Primary, Std 6A3 with Mr Kumaran

John Chacko reunites with me after 40 years!

In the year 1975 in St John's Institution, Form 5Sc2 with Mrs Gonzales

A get together with Govind Nair(US) and Leong Kwok Hung(UK) in KL 2010

Anxiouly Engaged

We went on a hike that we didn't get to finish a year ago. 
This time we arrived at our destination (with beautiful hot springs and waterfalls),
had a delightful picnic lunch, and then Jay proposed =)

Here's a picture of us after I agreed to marry Jay!
And this is from Dad :

Click here to see the Pics and Caption at the bottom of the album posted at Facebook. Plus if he can play the Piano like this, he qualifies to propose to you!!!
Postdated information
4 Oct 2010 - Comment on your Facebook on your birthday that you and Jay are getting married on 18th June 2011 at the Salt Lake Temple. Congrats!
22 Jan 2011- On this weekend, you and Jay won 3rd placing in a Facebook voting contest that got the entire family appealing for votes from their Facebook friends and family network! Thanks to all who pitched in to help with their votes!
3 Mar 2011  - You started early to book our airline tickets online for us
11 May 2011- Wedding invitations are ready to be sent out when requested here
15 May 2011- Wedding website being completed to give details of the wedding with more write-ups and photos to know the couple better with their story. See http://www.su-and-jay.net/
20 May 2011- Mom's sudden hospitalization on this day led to a duration of anxious moments. She was advised by her doctor to delay her flight booked to fly off on 6 June with the first group! You changed her ticket to fly with Dad in the 2nd group leaving 11 June. However whether she can fly off by the latter date was still uncertain subject to the hospital's test results for the doctor to analyse her condition as he was worried about her safety in case she fell ill again while overseas.
6 June 2011   - Han with Ray and their cousin Ying Er without mom, flew off to Salt Lake City.
7 June 2011   - Jubiliation! Mom gets the passport from the doctor to fly. See facebook photo.
11 June 2011 - Mom, Dad with Shuan and Ern flew off to Salt Lake City.
12 June 2011 - You and Jay in two cars picked us up at the Salt Lake City after the Touch Down.

Pictorial story of events from Touch Down to the pre-wedding day itself is found here.

Wedding Invitations can be requested here

It all started with a Bicycle

I had announced on July 16th (date chosen by staff as 1+6 = 7) in the eXfuze Anniversary 1 Celebration that we would be launching a community outreach program which would include promoting cycling for better health in the PJ community where our warehouse office is located on Jalan 223. (2+2+3 = 7)

Not long later, I enrolled myself to my first Charity Ride event organized by a Rotary Club with the theme of "Pedal Away Polio" to observe what was the biking community like in PJ. Below is the pic I took after the ride with my rider's number alloted to me pinned on my back pack, number 170! Well getting hotel room numbers and floors with the number 7 on it has become quite a regular occurence since I took on the eXfuze business and I wasn't moved much when I got my number. Then after crossing the finishing line, I laid my bike on the floor as it has no bicycle stand to reduce weight. Then things started to happen :

It is common to leave a bike on the floor like this.
But do you find it common for people to lie down like this on the floor too beside my bike???

What actually happened was we were all waiting for the Lucky Draw to start and meanwhile the organizers had some students to dance with the music. To my surprise at the end of the music, they all laid down and thats how I got the above photo!
Then I got prompted to use my phone to do a live video broadcast of this event closing which would lead to the Lucky Draw. Check out the suspense of the numbers being drawn as per my live video broadcast by clicking here. You will also get to hear my live interview with a rider who rides to work and back everyday covering about 80km a day ! Also you can see a 72 year old bike rider receiving a prize.

Yes! Number 170 was pulled up and I did win a prize! Watch the live video broadcast by clicking the link above to see how lucky I was to have my number drawn!

I went home quite happy with the morning's event and was tickled by my live video broadcast that I did so that my wife and kids in Singapore could view what was happening. I'm sure they were tickled too as they know my familiar Story of 7! If that wasn't coincidental enough for you that Rider number 170 won a prize, read on further :

The following week I was surprised that my colleague told me he saw me in the Chinese Newspaper above! That's a double surprise for Rider 170! None of the above surprises were planned at all!

Another interesting occurence since our July 16th event is that 3 months later, on October 16th, the local press was filled with news of the new 2011 Budget which included news that the government will allocate RM350 million to implement programmes to combat crime. For the first time, the police apparently have formed teams to patrol crime-ridden areas on bicycles as they can cover areas inaccessible by patrol cars! See the press cuttings below :

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Here are some videos to watch (Click on any of the images below to start the video ):

An off road night riding event outside Kuala Lumpur

An on road night riding event through the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Exercising our dog Ace on a bike in the night

(Click the image below to start the video)
Sight Seeing bike tour of KL with my daughter and son-in-law from the US

Off road night riding in Singapore!