Going Back to School again.

Going back to school today feels different from ages ago. For a start , there wasn't a tower overlooking the school as we see now :
View of the school building from the basketball court And the students don't look young enough! Therefore it was appropriate that Dato' Dr Hamzah Kamarulzaman, a heart surgeon and ex Johanian, teaches these fast aging students about Heart Disease Here are videos of his lecture in parts : Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 After the lesson, everyone seemed to be able to sing with younger hearts! After school, we used to hang out at A&W in the AIA building but this time we find ourselves hanging out at a place that doesn't have root beer in the menu! Cheers with my hot chocolate!
Click here to see the entire photo album taken back at school
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This must be the month of reunions with old friends for me. Compare the old pics with the new ones taken just this month of September 2010 :

In the year 1970 in St John's Primary, Std 6A3 with Mr Kumaran

John Chacko reunites with me after 40 years!

In the year 1975 in St John's Institution, Form 5Sc2 with Mrs Gonzales

A get together with Govind Nair(US) and Leong Kwok Hung(UK) in KL 2010

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