Thanks Giving in America

Here's wishing all our friends and family in America Happy Thanks Giving!
Our thoughts and well wishes are with you always throughout the year!
We are grateful for the many fond memories of past years and those to come.

Happy Birthday Shuan!!! (November 8)

Wow, we finally arrived at the finishing point for the endless family birthday celebrations!

Now everyone gets to look forward to our next birthday--and it won't be until April. Well, we can talk about that later, but for now we have to highlight the star child, even though it's been almost a week since we had our cyber birthday party on Yahoo!

Can you tell which one is the birthday boy?

That's our birthday boy up close


Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!!!

Are we turning this blog into a birthday dedication space? During the 6 weeks Dad had been away from home, we had celebrated 4 birthdays on cyber space. Here is the most recent one:

Am I still in New York City? Ray's Birthday?

The New York City skyline?
In the subway without graffiti?

China town again?

No, I came to Hong Kong to visit my old missionary companion Elder Wu who served with me in 1981 in Malaysia/Singapore. See old photos of the mission.

...whose family cooked a large sumptous seafood dinner for our happy reunion 24 years later

Ray celebrated his birthday today in Hong Kong too?  Noo... he celebrated it back home in Kuala Lumpur and Dad could only call him earlier in the day to wish him as did others who were away from home, namely his two sisters Fei and Su. Due to the the reunion dinner in Hong Kong at the same time, Dad missed out on joining the online celebration of Ray's 8th birthday. Good thing Mom helped him record the events of his special day on his blog.