It's a long way back to America for Su!

It all started with Su having to leave Singapore at 10am on a Thursday morning flight to land at KLIA to catch the Malaysia Airlines flight MH94 to Los Angeles
At about 3.15pm still on Thursday, she boards the Jumbo plane
She flies to LAX via Taipei and arrives in Los Angeles about 6.30pm on the same day in the US which is about 9.30am on Friday Malaysian time. This means its been almost 24hours since she left on the first flight from Singapore.

As it takes over 2 hours to clear immigration and pick up the luggage at the LAX airport, Su could only catch the first morning 6.15am flight to Salt Lake city the next day ie Friday on US time. See the videos below of the various stages of the journey

Take off from LAX to SLC
Approaching SLC flying over the Salt Lake

Touch down in SLC at about 9am Friday morning US time or 11pm Friday night Malaysian time. This would mean from the time she left Singapore on Thursday 10am, she would have clocked a journey of 37 hours between Singapore and Salt Lake City with stopovers in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Los Angeles. Minus the layover time of 5 hours in KL, 1 hour in Taipei and 12 hours in Los Angeles, she would have spent 19 hours in the air and 18 hours in lay overs!

So You May be Wondering how come Dad knows all the details above?

Coz the "Be There Dad" was there all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Salt Lake City. See the evidence below :
From the airport in Kuala Lumpur to...
.... the Salt Lake City airport

But Dad has an even longer journey to continue on!

Soon Dad was up in the air again, flying over the Great Salt Lake..
.... and over the top of the Rocky Mountains eastwards to the East Coast of USA, another 5 hours of flight

Dad had a chance to DRIVE in the cockpit too! Take a look at the video below....Way Cool!

On arrival a limousine whisked us to the hotel. Above are the Campbells.
Here is the view from my hotel room whichlooks like I'm back in Malaysia! No, it's Florida state where hurricane 'Fay' was targeted to hit but fortunately subsided to become merely a storm so we are safe!
It's a nice spacious room....

With a nice little kitchenette and bar area ... ... and the most important, a nice soft comfy bed to SLEEP!!!

It's Family Reunion Time!

They truly came from four corners of the world to take the following pictures :

We have Su Min returning from USA who served her mission in Oakland California after studying in BYU Provo , Utah

We also have Fei Min based in China who left for a short trip home after watching a few games in the Beijing Olympics

Then there is Dad the KL City Kid hanging on to the twin towers in Malaysia...

...and Mom with the four boys schooling in Singapore

So what do the Chongs do when they get together as a family besides taking a group photo? The following pictures paint more than a thousand words :

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