Superman and the 4th of July Celebrations in America

Two previous posts have I made special references to the day of July 4th. One is when I was in the USA in July 2005 and the other when I was in Singapore in July 2010.

Today is the 4th of July Celebrations in the USA or Independence Day again in the year 2013. Above is the imaginary photo of Clark Kent a.k.a Superman, in his Daily Planet office trying to complete his reporting of happenings in the world.

What has Superman got to do with the 4th of July Celebrations in America?

Well I bought a Superman's tee shirt and went to see the latest 2013 movie entitled 'Man of Steel'

It had a simple story line ie  A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind!

Now in the story, superman grew up in America with foster parents and he had to bridle his powers from young, encouraged by his foster father, to wait for the right moment to unleash them. The right moment came when Good had to fight Evil to stop earth from being destroyed. I observed when Superman was fighting with his enemy, the evil force told him the good morals that Superman had was his weakness that would destroy Superman. The evil force was supposedly focused in protecting and preserving the people of their common planet ie Krypton while they would kill all of the earth's people to save their own. Of course Superman in the end became the victor. He is thus symbolic of America who stand for good and fighting the world's evil. In the movie, he won the trust of the people in America to protect them and the world from the forces of evil.

It was fun for me to watch the movie and also made full use of the Superman tee shirt that I had bought :
I created my own homemade movie wearing the tee shirt when I climbed to the top of a dormant volcano named Sibayak in Brastagi Indonesia shared in this blog post.

I know I'm not Superman but when I wear his tee shirt, its like there is some magic that transforms me haha

I do my chores with extra vigor...

....with more enthusiasm matter how mundane the task if I can feel a renewed spirit

I seem to have boundless energy even when others will rest or sleep... have a vision that extends beyond our earthly skies to the galaxies out there.

If I am not Superman then who am I really?

I am just Dad the KL City Kid and one can click previous search results in Google to view. That's it, guess I'm just who I named myself when I started writing and creating all my blogs, videos and websites. A real Dad raised in a real City of KL with a real imagination or heart and mind like a Kid. Up Up and Away! It is no wonder that I am still called by my childhood name 'Boynie' fondly by my older siblings, their spouses and my friends from childhood!

Here are the real-life stories of Dad the KL City Kid:

These stories were categorized into the BODY MIND SPIRIT aspects of my life discovered when I was in New York City of America as shared here.  The three aspects of my life also began to be linked to the acronym of my Chinese name (张山福) spelled in English (Chong Sun Fu) but arranged in the Chinese order with surname first to appear as CSF. This link was color coded where red represented the Body, blue for the Mind and green for the Spirit. My interest in life was added to sync with the initials of my name which also correlates with my understanding of each of the aspects of my life. This means I understand the Body has the interest to Connect, the Mind to Synergize and the Spirit to Futurize. This became an icon seen at the bottom of each page of of my Heart and Mind website as displayed here :

Connect * Synergize * Futurize

Type my name as "Chong Sun Fu" with the apostrophes included in Google by clicking here and you can see the extent of my presence in the internet world as found in some previous search results here. Whether it is a 'Superman' feat or not, that can be measured as Google provides the latest analytics of the total number of views attracted to my writings and videos as found here.

If I can't be Superman, maybe the next generation can. Even a Batman is fine!

Postdated developments :

Indeed one of them has already grown to be bigger and stronger than me!

He got enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces on 26 May 2015

With the youngest having the potential to grow even taller than me!

Here is the real hero, Christopher Reeve!

....and my favorite local heroes like Senior Super grand-dad Rama!

Here is our real American Super Missionary who served in Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Tawau, Johor Bahru and Melaka  from Feb 2009 to March 2011.

Even Man's Best Friend has caught on to the dream!

Even movie fans of Superman!

Even more fun when family members join in!

All my boys who are in Singapore at the time this photo is captured....

 ... even my super nephew from Penang!

So happy to have Fei take this shot of me with her dog in LA on 31 Aug 2015, Malaysia's Independence day!

Received the above pic from Su on 19 May 2016, the mother of baby Leah seen above left, trying out the outfit grandpa got for her! Glad I got the right size sent to her before I fly over there myself on 7 June 2016. Up Up and Away!!!! Pics and videos of our familylane 2016 reunion in Utah are found here.

Glad to add this photo of a super couple from the state of Johore in Malaysia, after discovering their pic in facebook in June 2016 on my return from our familylane reunion trip to Utah, who are fans of Superman too!

Superman's Consciousness 
It's 23 October 2018 and I have been working on updating my journals as well as following a flow of thoughts in my book writing project on the theme of Human Consciousness. Something led me to check this post of my Facebook friend above that I could leave a comment about 'My Doggie Consciousness' as seen below: 

Came back from the US to find the above video of the MAN OF STEEL World Premiere streamed live from New York City interviewing cast members like Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe and many more.

Here is an unusual movie of Superman done in the UK with a budget of $20,000 as per this review.

Postdated Events in Singapore :

16 Nov 2017

Postdated Events in Kuala Lumpur:

23 Apr 2019

Came across this video of Superman while doing the tail end of my book writing project covering Friedrich Nietzsche in this synchronicity post.

21 Apr 2021
Second Year of COVID-19 Pandemic

2nd grand daughter Anya in US on her 1st birthday got her present from Superman Grandpa on time!

Article extracts:
With resistance to stress and negativity, we can be our best selves, hence being a “super human,” who can achieve many things and be useful to society. With minimal stress and negativity in aggregate, assuming billions of individuals are also in this state of mind, civilization can progress positively.

The practice of mindfulness is used as one of the tools of positive psychology, as it has been linked to increased positive feelings, a greater sense of coherence, improved quality of life, greater empathy, greater satisfaction in relationships, and more hope (Vago and Silbersweig, 2012). Other tools include gratitude journaling, reframing from negativity to positivity, self-compassion, and listing personal strengths. (Click here to read full article.)