Mom's Never Ending Birthday Celebration!!!!! Starting from Singapore, then to Hongkong and finally Hainan island!

The family gathers in Singapore to celebrate Mom reaching the 50th Milestone in her life. Su was the early surprise gift when she showed up very early in the morning after flying in all the way from Utah USA!
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Seen below is the family enjoying a buffet dinner in a Thai-Indonesian cuisine restaurant.

Dad welcomes Mom to the club that he joined just 4 years ago after celebrations with family and friends

An interesting poster hung on the wall of the restaurant, an original from the early policy of the country

Mom obviously didn't stop at two!

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As a result, there is great joy today celebrating with all her children from near and far

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With each child having a special memory of Mom to share with her

Here is a music video created by Han who also composed the music specially for her :

Happy Birthday Mom, We Love You!!!!!

The Celebration is not over yet!

She received many birthday wishes and greetings in facebook and left this comment :
Geok Lee : Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I had a wonderful birthday and the celebration is still not over yet! Cheers!!!!
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Indeed Easter weekend quickly came round a couple of days later with a public holiday on Friday in Singapore. A talent night was organized at the Church building in Pasir Panjang as if it was a continued celebration of her birthday. After all, it was the very same building that she stood at the door to catch our American Idol star David Archuleta, who happened to have a performance in Singapore, walking in for fast and testimony meeting in Feb 2012. Below is an article of him in the Singapore Straits Times of 22 Dec 2011 :

Archuleta would have been proud of the performers

Postdated : 2014
I love this song below and the meet the Mormons movie which can be viewed here.

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Mom was entertained by the performance of her niece Ying Er on the violin and Han her son on the piano.
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We even have the famous judges to give their votes and opinions. Simon, JLo and ...?

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Other performers did well too and here is the funniest act!

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..and Dad was busy performing in the kitchen earlier too!

... and the celebration was still going on Saturday night, being invited for dinner at a Nonya restaurant by Uncle Yen Wei and Auntie Chai Yen.

Mom believes that the celebration of life should not exclude the dead so a visit to her deceased father's grave was in the agenda. After all, we do believe that Families are Forever!

Hmmmm...... looks like her birthday is turning out to be like our Never Ending Christmas Story!

From Birthday to Mother's Day celebrations

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Starting off with a nice appreciative and touching talk by son Woon Shuan at Church

Mom enjoyed a family dinner at home prepared by the boys and Dad. On the very next morning, a nice surprise for Mom was to see her son on the prime news section of The Straits Times, the same leading newspaper that published the news that Archuleta's a missionary as seen above.

It was about Yale-NUS, the new college starting in Singapore. His interview by the press is covered in the extract below. The last paragraph at the bottom of the extract reads, "The Malaysian citizen has been a relief teacher here since graduating in 2010. Next month, he will set off for Britain on a two-year church mission, and matriculate in 2014." You can read the complete extract below by clicking on it to view an enlarged version.

The news can be read online too here but one needs to be a subscriber to read the complete news.

In the afternoon, we rushed to the airport to meet Mom's brother's family who just arrived from US, Norway and Japan with relatives from Hong Kong and Australia too, having a family reunion in Singapore. This is Geok Lee's 3rd brother, Roy Thong, who first joined the Church in her family and also served as a missionary in the early 70s. Truly since Mom's birthday, there has just been non-stop reasons to celebrate one event after another!

The Thong family pose with spouses and their children included

Off to Hong Kong with our boy wonder!

Why our boy wonder? Guess his family profile is self explanatory.

May 23-25, 2012 : It's only a few weeks since mothers day in May and Mom gets to join her boy wonder to go to the Hong Kong temple of the Church for sacred ordinances that will prepare him for leaving on his mission next month on June 27. Dad gets to follow too and with the new program, he was able to print temple ready docs to do temple work for Grandpa. Some photos will follow below progressively:

Arriving safely together at the Hong Kong International airport!

What greater joy can there be than for a mother to witness his son receive blessings from the Temple of the Lord in preparation for his mission?
 Enjoying the view of Victoria Harbor from Kowloon side
Night ride on the Star Ferry to see the Hong Kong island city lights...
... and mingling with the night crowd on the streets of Causeway Bay
Finding time to play with the young daughter of Mongolian mother Ariunbolor at the patron house
Enjoying Hong Kong's fusion food with a lunch and cinema treat from Dad's former missionary companion Wu Yuk Choi.

The Future - 6 years later

Han's graduation: Click here or the above photo screenshot to watch the short video clip with his voice singing the lead background quartet song.

Off to Hainan Island to meet Su and Jay on Mom's Ancestral home

June 13-17, 2012 Mom is off to Hainan Island, home of her ancestors. She meets up with Su and Jay who are visiting Asia from Utah. The following photos in black and white were taken on this trip to reflect the adventure of dwelling into family history :

Mother and Daughter reunites on Hainan island

Mom conversing with her Dad's nephew that Mom's oldest brother in Singapore had met in previous years during his visit to Hainan island. Mom's oldest brother was responsible to have provided mom from his earlier visits with a genealogy of their father that goes back many generations of time possibly through this relation. 

Family photo of Mom's oldest brother's family members with Mom's father's nephew(bald) in the center with his wife on his right.
Mom conversing with her Mom's nephew(brother's son) whose wife had passed away

This is the original copy of Mom's mother's father's ancestry obtained from the relation above. Interesting to note that this copy was obtained several years earlier by Fei who went to Hainan island with Christopher. Mom had given Fei a photograph of this relation taken from letters of her mom which had his address too. 

Group photo is taken with the relations of Mom's Father and Mother, the two men together.

From Hainan island, Su and Jay will join Mom and the others to fly to Singapore thus starting the journey of the two love birds in Singapore and Malaysia continued in this post