Passing the 1 million threshold in Social Media

I made the following post on Facebook early in the month of September 2015.

Some Good News on this 7th Sept of 2015 in Kuantan, my writer's hideout, after an eventful trip back from the US with...
Posted by Sun Fu Chong on Sunday, September 6, 2015

This breakthrough is added to the 'Media Coverage' archive of my life found here.
My writings with photos and videos produced over the years surprisingly produced a record number of views. Let's go back along memory lane to note how things began and how they progressed to arrive at where we are today :

Going back in time to see the changing platform of my writings due to the advancement of technology is quite interesting. The 1 Million viewers milestone was achieved this year reported by Google+ which includes blogger and youtube that provided the platform for my writing and sharing of graphics as well as to receive the analytics too. I have also used other platforms to draw viewers including facebook, my own triple websites of Familylane, Fastlane and Spiritlane with a lesser extent of using LinkedIn and Twitter.

The shift in the media used for viewing from the computer monitor to the tablet and eventually small touch screen of smart mobile phones created a need to modify the output of my writings. Most media such as Google+ or Facebook had automatically updated their software to fit the smaller screens. For my own triple websites, I started working on website that was originally designed to be viewed on computer screens only and I had to make coding adjustments to make the website mobile friendly with the creation of Work will continue on the other web pages through time and focused attention. I did try some quick fixes that made my writings from the original Familylane website more readable but it didn't look nice. You can sample view it by typing the URL of on a mobile device, or if you're reading this on a smartphone, just click here to see that all the graphics and photos have been trimmed off losing the original menus as well that navigates the user to other pages of the original website. (Note: 'photolinks' linked to is currently under construction in all blog journals.)

The inspiration behind writing in blogs started in March 2005 due to my desire to keep up with the younger generation starting with our oldest child Fei who led the way with others following suit later.  That was a decade ago today since I started writing in online blogs.

As these online blog posts increased, creating a Familylane website to highlight the different posts over the years was created by Dec 2005 as mentioned in that year's Newsletter below.

Click here to view the newsletter.

Prior to 2005, it seems that I had not used any blogs nor my own website to publish my writings. Referring to our desktop published newsletters that I wrote yearly and snail-mailed to all my friends and family members since 1992, it is noted in my Dec 1997 issue that I had used a 3rd party website called tripod. This is the beginning of our Familylane stories published online.

Click here to view the newsletter.

Our first copy of our family updates in a publisher produced newsletter was sent out to friends and family members globally by snail mail in this year. Reading the Jan 1992 pilot issue of our family news, it reminds me that it was our first attempt to create an online presence using the archaic BBS Bulletin Board System that was a precursor to the world wide web.

 Click here to view the newsletter.

Prior to 1992
My writing platform without the use of technology in the early years of my life was the basic pen and paper method where photos would be pasted on the pages of the book where appropriate. I have kept all these old hardcover books with me to this date and use them to recall really old memories to transfer selected ones to my online journals whenever I feel inspired or have the time to do so. A reunion of all of our schoolmates turning 55 in the year 2013 was an occasion I was inspired to dig up my old journals and photos to create this online post.

A Bigger than Life purpose of my writings
I consider my writings to this date as the work of my heart and the personal websites I've created as the by-product of my hobby of html coding, I have never cashed in on my ratings of over a million views though there are the monetizing schemes that abound in the internet world today. I have even met Eytan Elbaz the co-creator of AdSense, the monetization program of Google, in one of my business trips to the US. I guess I must perceive a value in my writings to be a 'Larger than Life' purpose of my sojourn on this earth.

Let's take a break and enjoy this song and video :

Questions, Questions, Questions???

I feel my writings to this date has been a result of all the questions I've asked about life to publish the results of my choices and actions I took after thinking in my mind the most proactive question, the "What If...?" question. 

What do I mean by this in simple child like terms? It means like every child, I would ask firstly a lot of  "What" questions like "What is this?" Then it may progress to "How" questions like "How does it work?"  Ahh... then as I grew up to become more advanced in my thinking, it would turn to "Why?" questions.  The first two type questions I found could usually be answered quite objectively to my satisfaction. However the last question always seems to be answered more subjectively to prompt me to ask another "But why?" question or a series of it when my mind cannot understand or accept the answer given to me!

So what soon came to my mind at an early age, to get the best or real answer that will satisfy my own curiosity, was to imagine the possibilities of the "What if...?" question first in my mind to figure out what could be the possible outcomes. Then if I'm bold and passionate enough to want to know what the truth or reality will be, I will optimally choose a course or path to act upon that I had imagined in my mind to be the best one to experience reality for myself, noting that I would already have included in my imaginations what some of the worst possible outcomes could be!

The early beginnings of photos and writings to make a scrap book 

"What if Dogs could Talk....?"
As early as in the 70s, when I was about ten to thirteen years old, the number of dogs increased in our family home. I was old enough to handle the old camera where black and white photos could be produced in a dark room with chemicals. That was the early beginnings of putting my imagination on a scrapbook of cut out photos and writing captions of my own as if dogs could talk! :

One particular scene that I did not photograph and wished I had a video camera then in those days to record the entire experience was when one of the young Cocker Spaniel female dogs who was a little young to be a mother gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies. I was checking on her daily to see her progress when we kept her in the storeroom close to the delivery day. Then it happened one early morning when I was there just in time to see the labor process. This happened so many years ago but the memory is still vivid in my mind as it was a rather grotesque sight to see a small puppy come out of the mother that is inside a sac filled with fluid and an umbilical cord connected to the sac. The mother would instinctively begin to bite through the cord to detach the connection from her body. She would then tear the sac with her teeth without hurting the puppy to release all the fluid, leaving a small wet puppy exposed. She would then automatically begin to lick the puppy dry. After this was the grotesque sight to see her pick up the sac with the cord to swallow it all back into her body! 

Indeed if dogs could talk, I would have asked, "How did you know how to do all that?" From this experience, even though the mother never told me, I learned early the power of nature where somehow the creations of this world seem to be programmed with some innate intelligence to be able to do the right thing when the time comes! I knew for sure that no one had taught that young mother what to do when she had to deliver those puppies!

In the later years when I learned about computer programming and the use of ROM chips to store permanent instructions for the computer to read at the time of the boot-up process, I realize how Mother nature had known all these things before Man found out about it to make these ROM chips for the electronic world!

More "What if...?" type questions followed as I grew up in life :

"What if I worked hard and played hard?"

"What if I traveled the world?"

"What if I added to my Science discipline the Arts?"

"What if I studied Accounting and Computers as well?"

"What if God was real?"

"What if I was called to serve by God?"

"What if I got married and raised a family?"

"What if I left the audit profession to start a computer business?"

"What if we had many children?"

"What if I could always stay connected closely to friends and family?"

"What if I could lead a Direct Sales organization?"

"What if I could be a public speaker?"

"What if my wife got sick and passed away?"

"What if I became a writer?"

"What if my wife could still talk to me after she is gone?

"What if I can master social media?"

"What if I got married again?"

"What if I can overcome all my physical weaknesses?"

The way I satisfied myself with all the "What if...?" questions was...

Do it! Do it Right! Do it Right Now!

Let's take another break and enjoy this song and video :

My writings could be categorized into the BODY MIND SPIRIT (BMS) aspects or three dimensions of my life discovered when I was in New York City of USA as shared here.  The three dimensions of my life also began to be linked to my Chinese name (张山福) spelled in English with the acronym CSF arranged in the Chinese order with the surname first (CHONG Sun Fu) and not the Western order (Sun Fu CHONG). This link was color coded where red represented the Body, blue for the Mind and green for the Spirit.

My interest in life was added to sync with the initials of my name which also correlates with my understanding of each of the dimensions of my life. This means I understand the Body has the interest to Connect, the Mind to Synergize and the Spirit to Futurize. This became an icon seen at the bottom of each page of my Heart and Mind website as displayed below :

Connect * Synergize * Futurize

Connect - When you connect, there seems to be a link created between two entities to enable them to understand and appreciate each other. From the time I was born, I sought to connect to all kinds of people from all walks of life and my body began to be charged up to become filled with passion and love for others.

Synergize - As I matured, my mind seemed to make sense of all the experiences and knowledge that it was absorbing like a sponge. At first they didn't make much sense and often times had to be rote learned or memorized but like musical notes learnt without meaning at first, beautiful music began to appear that flowed naturally or in harmony, metaphorically speaking to allow the different people, entities or modalities to create more common sense, beauty, results and even relentless energy. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Futurize - As time moved on, I found myself surprisingly becoming a creator of the future, to realize that like everyone else, we are all creating something new in time, a new relationship, a new baby, a new story and sometimes even a new understanding, concept or tribe that can change the world for the better!

Thus was born Familylane, Fastlane and Spiritlane to be the information storage sites of my life's experiences to contain my journals or personal history of my life covering the 3 unique or different modalities that I had realized existed in life. (The three previous website links given should be clicked for PC view only to get a full view of the indexes, menus or links to the related information sites. The stories, photos and videos shared in blogs can be viewed on smaller mobile devices by clicking the following relevant links : Familylane, Fastlane and Spiritlane.)

Recording the results of each separately allows me to identify the characteristics of each that are unique from the others. Combining them creates a unique tapestry of my three-dimensional life that I feel has helped increase my understanding of who I am and why I behave the way I do or why I am capable of doing what I am able to do. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts indeed. (Click here to see how others explain it.)

In rounding up my personal Family History research recently, I made some interesting discoveries of myself best portrayed by photos and videos, both of which are extensively used in my 3 journals of life :

 Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

What did I learn about myself?

I learned that I have since young loved to put together a picture story that best describes what I see in the subconsciousness of my mortal mind. They portray my physical efforts to be active in life at the same time reflecting the mindfulness of a being who is attempting to describe spiritual experiences I encounter in life. Btw it wasn't planned that I would have the above 7 pics that I found suitable to be inserted in a video found below, hence I must take note to add this experience in my growing 'Story of 7' of my lifetime! I also came across an article from a scientist to suggest that I may have used my basic background of science in school in my so-called 'experiment of life' that I have undertaken and shared the results thereof with the guideline that they must be sensible, measurable, and repeatable, so that others can make the same observations. This is a must-read article with Copyright © 1997 by Steven D. Schafersman found here. 

Postdated information:
I had also learned more from other scientists/philosophers like Alan Watts to clarify the difference between beliefs that scientists who are atheists hold on to that make them closed minded and therefore not objective scientists as they claim to be as false evidence or deceitful logic can be used to support their personal beliefs! Scientists are supposed to provide real evidence for their discoveries so a real scientist should have child like faith attributes with an honest or open mind to discover new things or phenomena instead of trying to find rationale or make up false evidence to support their beliefs. I shared this view in a journal on the 37th Anniversary of my wife and I found here.

As I produced more stories with my photographs to create for example a Travelogue through time, places and people such as I had done in this post with its spiritual counter part, I could also create a video with photos adding inspiring music as the video below where the music was composed and played on the piano by our oldest son of our family.  My multi-vision combined with multimedia skills has created a home for me in the social media world. 

As I listen to the music composed by Han our eldest son and look at the pics collected over the years in my life, a tingling feeling comes to me in gratitude for all that I have been given in life. From a boy with goodly parents, I grew up to become an educated adult blessed with a sure knowledge of God. With that foundation I found a great wife to create our wonderful family to be called a father! Adding on my wide experience in working life, I could feel how much I have immersed myself in the wonders of life to become the 'multi-sensory human' being that I have become.

Having found my home in the world of Social Media, I believe this will propel me forward to another transformation of life that I look forward to in this progressive world of ours! I will definitely continue to write my journals and set a goal for myself to publish my first book completely based on the inspirations I have received from the experiences and thoughts recorded in my journals that I have maintained for almost all my life.

Point of Moving Forward or Reversal of the Historical Record above to start or proceed to the Future!

Postdated Development :

The launch of

2017 The video below was created on the 35th Anniversary of my marriage to Geok Lee that took place on 22nd December 1982 in Kuala Lumpur :

2018 Oct 5
Familylane 2018 reunion in Kuala Lumpur when all the children are already adults by the legal age of 21!

2019 Jan 24
In the east coast spending quiet time to complete my 1st book project
The creation of just before the Year of the Dog ends

2020 Aug 29
Facebook efficient notification system informed me of Fei's latest post in LA California and I responded very quickly as the first comment in her post that I will be responding in this journal post here!

Now I've become very fast and efficient in the art or science of Social Media to be surprised at what I had accomplished when this blog post was created years ago. So when I read her Facebook post about writing journals, I was smiling and cheering for her because it was she who first inspired me to write journals when she was a teenager shared here.

Looking at her husband Christopher partly laying down or stretched out on the comfortable chair reminds me of sharing this journal post I did recently on how COVID-19 pandemic changed me. It's not about his relaxed posture alone though. I was fully laying down too but switched off the lights to watch long interesting videos where I normally don't have the time. They are not entertaining Hollywood type movies but documentary type videos where I knew switching off the lights would save power as I could easily dose off as it was way past the middle the night! I didn't doze off as what was shared was spiritually very interesting to keep me awake!

It was nice to have Christopher and Fei visit me in Kuala Lumpur in Jan 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic began!

I first met Christopher in June 2008 when I visited Beijing China where Fei after a 3 year online friendship had met up with Christopher. 

They got married in May 2010 to live in Los Angeles which was the usual landing airport for all flights from Malaysia to the US so I or family members could visit them quite conveniently. Both of them are very talented and intelligent who have become an important source of information to update my consciousness by interacting with them and asking them questions often when I have the chance about the USA especially during  my visits to LA or over the internet!

(Note: As computer technology that Social Media relies on is constantly changing in its algorithm, evidenced by this historical post that covers a span of time, note that some hypertext links may not function as it should when originally created. Time may be required to fix these 'bugs' but I have decided that my focused time should be spent on working on my book and releasing latest journals on the theme of 'Human Consciousness' at that was launched in early 2021. Therefore I will leave these errors as they are as they are only a supplement of information to the whole post that is sufficiently clear in its content or subject matter, typing errors included.)

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