The beginning of the blogging experience

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It was Fei Min our oldest girl who started blogging and soon our oldest boy Woon Han followed suit. Guess its daddy's turn now to include a blogging site or link in his new website. How's this for a few minutes' effort to set up a blog and try out its look and feel. Let's see how far it goes as Daddy is not a student with lots of time but a Family man, a Management Consultant and a Churchman with responsibilities in all areas!

(Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan (Pyra Labs) launched in August 1999 (purchased by Google in February 2003)
Blogging combined the personal web page with tools to make linking to other pages easier — specifically permalinks, blogrolls and TrackBacks. This, together with weblog search engines enabled bloggers to track the threads that connected them to others with similar interests. Reference)

(Robert Boyle's podcast mentioned the use of blogs as a solution for a broadcaster contact to write on in 2003)

Post-dated Development
Captain's log Startdate : 8 Feb 2018

Star Trek Before and After 

I have come back in my Consciousness to this first post of the date of 23 Mar 2005 as per my blogger record when this post was started at 7.17 PM to be precise! I came back to note that at that time, there were no smartphones to provide a view of webpages so the original content of our website was only designed for PC view previously In later years, I started learning how to program a family webpage that can work for both PCs and smartphones and this has been created at where the old website has been redirected to this new photolink content page. In the interest of saving time needed to re-code my old PC view only webpages to be able to be viewed on smartphones as well, I did not attempt to re-code them myself. I did try 3rd party software that would do an auto conversion if viewed on a smartphone but it rearranges all the contents in a messy way, though viewable which is the reason why I finally migrated everything to the photolink pages in

Below is a sample of the future that is already today in My Consciousness. Stories from the "Abacus to the Cloud", a metaphor for the era my stories will cover as contents of my first book to be published in 2018, or maybe the year after or who knows when? I've just collected so much content in my focused research in the last few years and I need to organize them all as well as maintain the flow of my writing. 

I have managed to come this far because I was inspired by my oldest child Fei to write journals using blogger to be named a 'Chronicler' today! Social media technology allows me to embed my Facebook posts full of photos and videos in my blog journals. This saved me time to use it for researching and working on my book. See how I managed to still do 4 quarters of my blogger journals last year by clicking here and do some time travel like in this journal post today!

Now a Time-Travel experience for me to go backwards from 23 March 2005 which I started in this post and will go backwards further in time starting with significant events of my life that would influence My Consciousness today in the year 2018.

I have covered significant events in my life recording my life's experiences and thoughts from 2005 to the present start of the year of 2018.....

To be continued.....

......we have travelled today from 2018 to the year 2020. It's the COVID-19 pandemic era of the world. Fortunately just before it hit the world spreading to Malaysia, I had set up my new project office with details found at

From the link above, one can tell my record keeping habit with continuous education and usage of technology to support my interactions in life has not stopped. My books and documents are intact and as the paperless world has not become a full reality yet, my cabinet and shelf space in my new project office has not been done away with yet despite having sufficient Information Technology available.

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Thank God for watching out for you and your family.
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