The Bird Story photos with other creatures on Chinese New Year Feb 2005

This is a postdated blog post done in the June 2015, 10 years later from the time photos included in this post were taken in Feb 2005 during the Chinese New Year festive season. The reason for the delay is that our experience of celebrating Chinese New Year in Feb 2005 was already posted in a webpage I personally designed found here. I had only started to post my first blog post in Mar 2005 found here.

This post was created only because of my inspiration to recall all the bird related stories in my life to write a poem entitled 'What If...Birds could Talk' found here.

From the webpage cited above, I had only shared a couple of pics with no stories behind it. So here are the pics followed by the story :

This was the first time we found a nest in our indoor garden with birdlings

It was built in the overgrown plant seen behind Mom about just above eye level. We have had animals like rabbits in this indoor courtyard...

With tortoises too...

...and fish in the pond as well. 

A monitor lizard that looks like this sample pic has been seen hiding in the rocks by the pond but no photo could ever be taken of it as it immediately hides in the crevasses of the rocks when it hears a human approaching. At that time also we didn't have any powerful zoom cameras to photograph from far as we have today.

Post-dated discovery: In the year 2021 this creature had grown to at least 6 feet long found in the same pond and others were sighted in the city center of Penang too.  Click here to travel forward to that time period!

We must not forget our dog who gets along well with the tortoise!

With all the animals we have in the indoor garden, having baby birds born there seemed a natural thing to happen

As the nest was just above eye level, a low stool enable me to take great close up shots 

They seemed hungry opening their mouths for their Mom or Dad to feed them. However we never got to see the parents close up or take any photos as they would not remain still and stay in the nest if a human comes close to them.

Soon the baby birds grow to have full feathers... if waiting of their turn to take flight

This close up shot from the front looks like it's still pretty much a baby bird and would need a bit more time before it can leave the nest and fly off to become an independent free bird!

The link to this post will be added to a special post that will link back to this post named as Bird Story 3 found here.

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