Mother's Day of the Year 2010

Living in the 21st Century to celebrate Mother's day brings a new surprise this year! We are now able to have a Live Broadcast from just using Dad's cell phone with instant transmission to the webpage at the Familylane website. Dad's journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and return on Mother's Day weekend was covered with some of the following live broadcasts that can be replayed by clicking the links below :

Pre journey visit to the Kuala Lumpur Wet Market.

Buying fruits at the Highway Rest Stop.

Mother's Day live broadcast at the Singapore Church.

A nice Sunday early dinner was prepared with the help of the boys with friends of Han making a surprise visit. Here are a couple of photos taken on Sunday:

Mom given an everlasting yellow flower at Church

All gathered at the dining table for an early dinner on Mother's Day

Click here for a slide show to Mom on Mother's day. Imagine without Mom, none of the fun family pics in the slide show would have been possible.

In the very last minute of Mother's Day weekend, you can click here to see who didn't want to be missed out on all the live broadcasts going on!

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