Wow! A season of birthdays and now it's Ray turning 9

In every birthday celebration, there's got to be a cake and there's no exception for Ray, not forgetting the red eggs that came along with our Chinese tradition.
Then it's time to gather the family to sing the Birthday song but where are the others? Ernie, Fei and Su?
Ahhhh.... they're joining us on the internet, with Su in Utah on the top left of the screen , us in the middle, Ernie visiting in Singapore on the top right and Fei in Beijing at the bottom right with her cat!
At last, Ray gets to cut his cake as we sing him Happy Birthday so that he can get to open his present. He has been anxious all night!
And here is his cool present, a radio controlled flying saucer...
...and he has a successful take off with it! Bon Voyage Ray and have a great life ahead!

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