Simba becomes The KL City Dog!

When Kakak Tun, our maid, finally left on the bus to be with the family in Singapore upon approval of her work permit, that signified a turning point for Simba's life.

Without a valid visa for Singapore, it was decided that he had to remain with Dad in KL. Without Kakak Tun to care for him, it was time for him to leave the big house in Ukay Heights and caught the city mini bus to move in with Dad who has moved to an apartment downtown!

Well, there were a number of things Simba had to adjust to in living in the City. One of them was a reduced running space compared to what he had before. The forest or 'Rimba' that he was used to is now a little beyond his reach over the balcony!

Next there was this new 'potty training' he had to undergo as for the first time, he had a room for himself with and attached toilet to do his business! Yes, he did pass the training conducted by his junior master Han but there are still somethings he cannot adjust to.....

... something he absolutely dreads and even tried to play dead by the Wagen that was being washed.

Ooooo......yessss! He absolutely hates having a bath and now he even has to adjust to doing it in public at the car wash site! Sheesshhhhhh

But as they say, 'Every Dog has his Day.' Here, can you see Simba roaming freely in wide open space near the apartment without a leash right? Well, this is possible because he has amazingly adjusted himself to life in the city.

The old country dog Simba who used to chase cats, fight with neighborhood dogs, kill snakes and frighten humans could still learn new tricks in a short time and adapt himself to apartment living. Imagine, he can be allowed out of the apartment unit without a leash and he hasn't lost his irresistable smile or friendly handshake either!

He will patienly wait for the elevator or.......

... choose to use the stairs when in a hurry

All who see him at the main entrance to the apartment have high regard for Simba's good mannerisms...

... feeling more secure that they have a new guard dog who watches over their parked vehicles.

Even the firemen at their headquarters building near the apartment would want Simba to watch over their premises

Yes, there is certainly a new King in the block...

The neighborhood dogs respect him when he walks the streets and one even came close to kiss him!

They are willing to follow their new leader in the block but Simba presses on, oblivious of his followers, as he has bigger business in his mind.

King or no King, he has to answer the call of nature and this spacious field is much nicer than his attached toilet anytime!!!

Watch out for more postings forthcoming of Dad the KL City Kid and Simba the City Dog in their new life living in the city.

Here is a post dated video of Simba running freely in his new City environment :

How different an environment for him when Simba is out camping with the family :

More of Simba in postdated accounts are found here:


Han 文翰 said...

Thanks for taking such great care of him Dad! The fact that he could not join us in Singapore caused me no small amount of grief...

Simba is as great a blessing as you are in my life, and I'm glad that he's still staying strong with your support =D

Love you!

Singapore Girl said...

Hahaha, Simba did it all and have it all! He sure looks like a dignified dog.

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hahaha..It's just one dog helping out another!