It's Father's Day today!

6 good reasons to wish Dad Happy Father's Day!
He pays for all the education

He pays for all the extra classes

He pays for all the transportation

He pays for the technology

He pays for for all the dinners and parties

..and he also pays for the travel and adventure!

Heard at Church today: The husband was discussing with his wife how on Father's Day there is much less done for fathers at Church compared to mother's day where roses are given to each mother. So his wife quickly pulled out a gift for her husband. She said, 'Here is a new wallet for you and hopefully it will loosen your grip on the money!'


Han 文翰 said...

Hehe... thanks Dad for everything!

Happy Father's Day!

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hehe... you are most welcome son. It's nice to pay for everything but not always easy so work hard and work smart so you can enjoy the same blessing! Remember pray always as if everything depends on God but live as if everything depends on you!