Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Need Help

I managed to start the engine for the scooter today to make sure you don't get flat batteries when you get back Dad.... but I was unable to start the Kawasaki.

I put the key in and set it to 'on', and I pressed the start button (with and without the choke) but the engine just spluttered and died over and over again. What am I supposed to do?


Dad the KL city kid said...

Turn off the headlights when you turn the key on to avoid unnecessary draining of the battery and provide focused energy to the spark plugs to start the engine.

Choke should always be on when starting the engine when cold. Turn the throttle only a little when pushing the red ignition button to allow sufficient fuel to ignite the engine.

Press the ignition button for 5 secs maximum before trying again. After several such tries, let the battery rest for a while and recharge again before trying again. If it still fails after several tries, let it rest overnight before trying again the next day.

Hope that helps.

Han 文翰 said...

I've managed to do it already. I could even get the yellow bike started within 10 kicks! :D

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hey you're going to be a fine Dad yourself one of these days! Life is sometimes just about learning the right techniques and it's a matter of whether we WANT to or not and find someone who knows HOW!

Have a great weekend and we will be home on Wed next week! Miss you all!