Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines to Everyone!

On this day, I think of all the women in my life who have influenced me tremendously, my wife, my departed mom and my daughters Fei and Su . I can't help thinking about Grace, our family dog who just passed away recently, man's best friend indeed.

We're spending Valentines Day in Reno Nevada on the way to visit friends in Sacramento and the Bay area before getting back to Utah to catch a flight to New York City.

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Anonymous said...

boh Lay - Do ho bo, in Hainanese? Thanks for keeping me current with your family
's development. Appreciate it.
I regret some faces, not many but a few.

How have you been? Chew Yian and I have been in China for almost 10 years and we're getting ready to go home in July. We have 4 girls (aged 15-6), and they're a great bunch of kids. Been away too long to the point where the two older girls are having relocation anxiety. We'll see how that goes. On my new job, I'll be going to Malaysia every once in a while. Perhaps time for a nice bowl of laksa huh?

Stay in touch, please.

Eric and Chew Yian Woon

Anonymous said...

How about your step-mother, your dad's wife and their daughter, your half-sister? Aren't they women and family too? Why leave them out?

Dad the KL city kid said...

Sorry Mr/Ms Anonymous but if you read my posting carefully, it's not about recognizing all the women or family members I know but those I feel have 'influenced me tremendously' and they happen to be those that I've spend the most time with or vice versa.

Anyway those are my feelings and this comment is a logical explanation so go figure!