Sunday, October 05, 2008

50 reasons why Dad is AWESOME

  1. He's now half a century old!

  2. But he is forever young at heart

  3. He is brave and adventurous

  4. He goes on all sorts of great adventures all over the world

  5. He takes us out on adventures too

  6. He's brought us on piggy back rides, car rides, motorbike rides, and boat rides.

  7. He has 6 well brought-up children

  8. He loves to give us treat

  9. He never tires out

  10. He works hard

  11. And plays hard

  12. He makes sacrifices for his family

  13. He took time to drive us all to school in the mornings

  14. He tries to spend as much time with us as he can

  15. He is a leader

  16. He teaches us leadership by example

  17. He is dog's best friend

  18. He is supportive of us, our interests and talents.

  19. He gives us opportunities to develop our talents (including paying for them)

  20. He comes to watch and support us in competitions

  21. He never holds our academic failures against us

  22. He is a survivor

  23. He teaches us life lessons.

  24. He's read us bedtime time stories.

  25. He is tech savvy

  26. He always has fun

  27. He is a pioneer

  28. He is always active

  29. He takes time to document every special occasion

  30. He keeps good records

  31. He's made sure we go to the best schools and received a good education

  32. He is strong in every way

  33. He is a champion

  34. He takes time to develop his talents

  35. He is always filled with optimism

  36. He is quick to forgive

  37. He finds humor in everything

  38. He loves people and people love him

  39. He is a “Be There” dad

  40. He takes time to do things one-on-one with us

  41. He is generous with his time and talents

  42. He is always happy to share what he knows

  43. He has a strong testimony of the gospel

  44. He is filled with so much love, it's contagious! =)

  45. He is passionate about life and learning

  46. He is always ready to serve those in need

  47. He takes time to ponder meaningful things

  48. Most of all, he is our dad

  49. We love him very, very much

  50. And he will always be the awesomest dad in the world to us!


Hope this next half of the century will be filled with even more adventure, growth, learning, love and FUN than the last.

Love from all of us:

Ray, Ernie, Shuan, Han, Su and Fei.

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Dad the KL city kid said...

Thanks Fei! I'm so very touched by what you've written. You've taught me a great deal too as our first child in our family! This comment may come late but oh well, I'm also the 'better late than never' kind of Dad! Hahaha I love you very very much.