Wow! Look Who Turns 18 today???

Happy Birthday Han!

Here are 18 reasons why Mom and I think you're an Awesome Son!

1. Firstly, you're the oldest son of awesome parents
2. And you looked really awesome as a baby
3. You amazed your parents in your ability to read and solve puzzles at a young age 4. And you had the courage and ablility to sing too at such a young age.
5. You always looked smart wherever you go.
6. Always dressed up for the occasion
7. You were the kid with high ambition 8. But never taking yourself too seriously
9. Always full of imagination and an aspiring cartoonist
10. You were baptized into the Church and continued to be an active and serving member
11. Always an example to others where ever you are
12. Your grandpa loved you since you were a baby and you remembered him as you matured doing..
13. You have many qualities and strong in body, mind & spirit
14. You even took up dancing
15. And continue to share your musical talents for others to enjoy. Listen to the Duet

16. You always remember your friends
17. Even the furry ones
18. You are already famous in your school as an academic prize winner and you've even won a national prize for your school. Check out this Video
Whether you win or lose, don't worry as you've already earned yourself a permanent place in the hall of fame of our family page. Check out the Profile

Come next holidays, you will be AWESOME on the road with a full licence!!!

1 comment:

Han 文翰 said...

Thanks Dad!

I owe it all to you and Mom =)