Thanks Boys and Girls for your Birthday Greetings to me

If you think I'm awesome because of the past 50 years of my life, wait till you wish me at my 100th birthday ok? Read my thoughts and feelings at My Heart and Mind especially on the part I sat to consult with Grandpa about my future, who turned 87 this year.

As I blew the candles in my cake above, my wish was that when I turn 100, I would have achieved enough to help you complete the list of 100 reasons why you would think I am still awesome. Hahaha!

For now, my thoughts turn to Su on her 23rd Birthday and we usually share a joint celebration but this year, my 50th seemed to have overshadowed hers. Anyway here are my 23 reasons of why I think she is awesome too :

1. Firstly you are the daughter of a father who has been told he has 50 reasons to be Awesome.
2. You were born in a hospital where they put you in a cot that has that awesome number that Dad talks about in a post below.

3. That you grew up with Dad doing awesome things like sitting by 'The potty side' hearing him read you stories in the toilet!(Better not show any pics here)
4. I'm glad you only wore awesome ear rings when you were much younger.

5. You made an awsome pair with your sister.

6. You were awesome in school
7. Awesome in track and field events or sports

8. An awesome in water since young
9. Always winning medals from somewhere
10. As in Gymnastics where you reached the National Level

11. An awesome driver cris crossing deserts with Dad in USA

12. Sharing a birthday cake with an Awesome Dad very often

13. As adventurous as your Dad climbing mountains in the Rockies
14. That you're full of humour too in your own unique ways

15. Always a loving older sister

16. A righteous woman like your mother
17. Even a dedicated missionary to serve God and your fellow men
18. An Awesome dancer too
19. A lover of awesome fruits of Malaysia

20. A hardworking gal trying to pay your way through school
21. A much loved daughter in the family as you even send home gifts from Santa Su
22. A globe trotter too

23. A pianist and talented musician

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