In Memory of Han Kwang

On Sunday 30th May 2021, something made me call Jenny Han. I was shocked to learn that she was in hospital due to infection of Covid-19 but was recovering. I was informed her husband Han had to be put under the respirator and the only thing I could do was to pray for him and informed the rest of my family members spread out in 3 cities outside Malaysia of the sad news and to pray for him as well. 

Next morning I messaged her to ask how was Han doing and she informed me "Dunno yet. Mel will call the doctor later when he’s on duty. Last night his condition was stable." Then I didn't get any message from her and I felt not to trouble her and messaged her son-in-law Royce Tai. I received the message, "Sorry I won't have good news for you, as my father in law had passed away today." I related the sad news to the family.

A few days later I received the notice below of the Zoom meeting plans and related it to my family members.

The Han family together with the Tai family have close attachment with our family as we lived in the same close neighborhood in the early days of the Church when we just had the Kuala Lumpur branch.

As a long time keeper of journals, I have in store a collection of photos that I started looking back in memory of our family interaction with the Han and Tai family that I like to share some below:





11 April 2018

15 Sep 2018

Life is a journey of birth, death and as Christians we look forward to the resurrection. Before that I believe Brother Han gets to meet those who have passed on earlier namely my wife Geok Lee, Bro & Sis Tai and many others of our mutual friends remembered here.

We will miss Brother Han Kwang and cheer him on in his progress as an eternal soul, with fond memories from our family shared in more photos and videos here.

Farewell Zoom Meeting 
Dated 5 June 2021

Attended by over 160 people where I've requested for a copy of the recording to see if I can share in this journal. Meanwhile here are some pics from a wonderful video shared in the virtual meeting:

How amazing technology is today to allow us all to gather virtually to feel the Spirit of this great and humble man who advances to the next sphere of life! Plus I can share extracts of the Farewell Zoom meeting in a video shared with Geok Lee in Facebook here.

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