Woon Shuan the globe trotter by merit awards studying in Singapore

When Shuan came back from Perth last December, I posted comments in his facebook asking when will we get to see the photos from his trip. This was a trip that he had won in a competition last year from attending a seminar. It sure took him a while, like a month later, and here are some of the pics extracted from his facebook albums :

First comment by Shuan is that people always think he is Shaun so he is used to it and doesn't  mind the error in his welcome note.

His next comment "Can't run away from number 7" is in reference to Dad's story of 7

He was given a sight seeing tour of Perth in his first two days upon landing in Australia

Shuan learns of the significance of this sculpture in Perth known as 'The Strike'.

Like many areas in the world such as in the state of California, finding gold in Western Australia helps to attract more migrants to the new colony created in Perth. 

Here is Shuan carrying the world's largest gold nugget or at least a replica of it!

He gets to visit the King's Park War Memorial

This is the view of Perth from the park which are both by the Swan river that divides north and south of Perth.

On the 2nd day, he was brought to the port of Fremantle, about half hour's drive from Perth.

The Fremantle markets area somehow reminded him of Bugis street in Singapore but of a less stuffy version according to Shuan. You can check the website here that gives more info on the Fremantle markets.

His remaining days in Perth were spent on the University of Western Australia(UWA) campus visiting all the Science departments

Shuan comments on seeing this reminder pillar was,  "I will try".

One of the highlights of the campus visit was that Shuan got to meet Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry Marshall. He got to hold the Nobel Prize gold coin which is auspicious of his future in the world of science.

Dr Barry Marshall  won the Nobel Prize because of his work in discovering the H Pylori bacteria which causes gastritis. This laboratory is where all the difficult H. Pylori cases are referred to from the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

Here is Shuan holding a model of the H Pylori bacteria

An outdoor theater on the UWA campus!

At the Physical and Life Science department

Holding the world's largest drill bit!

Inside the glass house of the Agricultural Science department

Plants at the laboratory

Inside the sound proof capsule in the science library for people to answer their cell phone calls!

This is the uber screen that uses an electronic pen or real whiteboard markers

PolentaToast made of sauteed mushrooms,basil and Italian cheese

With a host named Arlina from Indonesia

This is the other girl from Singapore that accompanied Shuan to Perth that won the essay contest to qualify for the trip. Check out more of Shuan's photos posted in his facebook of Perth albums found here

Recently Shuan revealed that he has been selected by his college to travel again this year starting in March to the Philippines to do voluntary service in a remote village for a couple of weeks. This is a mission of TCP(The Christieara Programme) YEP project at Libon, Philippines. Later in June this year, he has also been selected to travel to California USA to visit a university over there.

He has been selected for these fully paid trips based on his excellent academic results which he has been consistently working hard to achieve each year. In the first quarter of 2012, a journal post records that he received college results that showed he had achieved a perfect GPA score of 4.0. This entitles him not just for the trips overseas but a scholarship award in his college for another year as well! Congratulations Shuan and keep up the good work! 

Post dated Events :

Trip to Philippines later in March with photos and links is referenced in a post found here.

Here are some photos of his trip to the USA in June 2012

We saw him off at Changi airport on 9 June 2012

He reached his destination at San Francisco airport

He went with a group of elite students from Singapore all dressed in their customised jerseys....

.... viewing the Golden Gate Bridge

Wearing the American hat for a change in the process of being exposed to learning Liberal Arts for a short stint at Menlo College

Being taken to a base-ball game....

.... typically eating fast food as viewers watch the game

The elite students from Ngee Ann polytechnic include males and females

They were even brought to see the natural outdoors at Yosemite National Park in California, about 2.5hrs drive from San Francisco

They were brought to some interesting Museums .....

.... and this funny pose reminds me of our father-son adventure trip to the Mulu Caves in Sarawak in East Malaysia

O course there is also study time ......

.... requiring some tests questions and sharing with the group at Menlo College

On their last day, they even did a nice thing by way of a service project...

... to clean the bay of rubbish and weeds found in the Bay area

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