Moving forward with the new year of 2012

In each new year like a new semester at school, we can look forward to new experiences or maybe another chance to try to do better in a subject where we could have been weak at.

2012 deemed as the end of the world by some would continue to be a busy one for our family to try to better ourselves and our community. The following would be some experiences that can be expected based on a balanced Body Mind and Spirit aspiration :


After Fei's and Su's wedding in the US, the girls with their spouses, may come to Singapore/Malaysia to meet with family and friends to make relationship ties more complete this year.

Mom will use the best of her Body, Mind and Spirit to win over the fight with cancer. To understand the symbol of the hanging cranes in the photo, click the given link and search for the post with a similar photo where the explanation is given.

Dad continues to keep his body/mind in balance by continuing to ride his bike with the belief as a professional entrepreneur that in life you only fall when you stop doing the things you need to do.


Last year the mind was inspired by the book of Randy Pauch, this year it will be Deepak Chopra's book and seminars with his visits to Asia.

The academic achievements of Shuan following his brother Han, won him a trip to Australia last year and this year he has been selected to go on trips to Philippines and even as far as the US or UK.

What has a puppy got to do with Man's mind? Being named as Man's best friend, it will certainly help our minds to relax and to be happy as this one has done for a boy and an older kid.


After finishing school with top grades, Han chooses to fulfill a spiritual mission for his Church as others in his family have previously done so. Before that, he paints the home as others have done so too! Charity does begin at home.

The Stake President of Singapore, President Stephen Lai, kicks off the year with a special raw fish Chinese New Year dish in the lunch menu before training Church Seminary and Institute teachers with Mom as his administrative assistant.  Our family will be committed to continue to study the scriptures this year for sure at Church and at home.

The world is watching the recent interesting political developments in Malaysia that has followed a peaceful and democratic process for over 50 years. Some of the family members who are qualified to vote will cast their vote in the 13th General Election of the country which may be held in 2012 or the latest in 2013.

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