Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pictorial review of our year of 2011

The world isn't all about the economic recession, disasters and wars as is widely spread by popular media though these are real problems.

Similarly life isn't all about how big our house is, what car we drive or the titles we achieve as is commonly judged by the public though these are real rewards.

In 2011, our family continue to face real problems and receive real rewards.  We have kept together, though some of  us are already geographically separated, to help one another live happier lives often times beyond the realities of the world as we know it. The following are our pictorial highlights :

Inspiration from the Last Lecture that started our year off!

Celebration for Woon Han and his cousin Ying Er scoring Seven As for their A Level exams

Another feat for the Unstoppable Mom!

Marriage of Su and Jay at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah

Dad becomes a Political Activist?

Congratulations to Woon Shuan who wins college scholarship and iPod touch

Father-Son outing to Penang Island

Watch our Never Ending Christmas Story of 2011 here

Wishing all our family members and friends a Happy 2012 year!

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