14th birthday for the Amazing Ray!

Happy Birthday Ray!

Don't eat too much cake like you did quite a few years ago!

Here is the special video clip made for you on your 14th Birthday with your favorite theme song!

The internet connection in KL is really bad today so the video upload seems incomplete and I will complete this post when I am in Singapore tomorrow! See you soon! As the school holidays have started, I look forward to spend more special Father and Son time with you as previously.

Postdated events :

Oh I just discovered that Flickr where I posted the video clip to will only show maximum 90 seconds of the video as above! I tried earlier to post to Youtube which allowed the whole length to be played but without sound as it found the song too new which would violate their copyright policy.

Sooo finally I checked Facebook and all seems well as I was able to fully upload the video file. How appropriate I thought as the lyrics of the song repeat the words, "As I see you face...." as you can watch the complete clip in Facebook. Oh nooo... it deleted the movie after upload due to copyright problem too! Well I'm not giving up.......

Oh well the best I can do for now is to put it on a link that you can download to your own computer from here to view the complete video with sound!

Wait, with persistency, I've finally found a site that I am able to post the complete video clip I created for you that can be viewed completely after posting. Watch the full version here :

Amazing Ray's 14th birthday! from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo.

There is an unplanned or impromptu object lesson of this birthday post and hope that you are still young and humble enough to learn from such lessons as were shared in your 11th birthday and this key lesson is one that applies to all other lessons, ie.... "NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!"

Post-postdated event :

As it happens, old software algorithms do change especially for brands that are not mainstream. I can only share his 16th year old birthday below which sadly was not long after his mother passed away:

A Real Teenager on his 16th Birthday! from Dad the KL City Kid on Vimeo.

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