Unstoppable Mom meets Dr William Tan aka Peak Conqueror

Today is the 4th visit to the doctor since our return from the US. It was just about 6 months ago when Mom proved herself to be the Unstoppable Mom. From a sudden crisis situation in her medical condition and a pending long flight to the US for Su's wedding, she fought her way to recover quick enough for the doctor to see positive signs in her blood tests to give the green light for her travel. This was however not without two blood transfusions and minor surgery to implant an intravenous central line to her vein so that she could receive urgent blood supply if required which was also used to supply her a new chemo drug for her travel. 

The US wedding trip was not only successful, it turned out to be a most memorable one indeed! I had kept details of her medical condition and visits to the doctor before and after the trip. The medical report of today's visit as well as that of past visits are found at the bottom of the original post of 29th May 2011 under post dated events. What I merely wanted to share today is about our Unstoppable Mom meeting a most interesting doctor also known as the Peak Conqueror who has authored an Awe-Inspiring Book : "NO JOURNEY TOO TOUGH".

Mom with Dr William Tan

Look at the flyer below that I later extracted from a website of his amazing feats :

Wow... a doctor on a wheel chair who not only competes in marathons but pushes himself to have completed 10 marathons in 7 continents in 65 days! He is also an Alpine Skier and became the first person in the world to undertake a wheelchair push in Antartica.

What an inspiring visit it turned out to be at Dr Koo's room today, who is standing on the far right.

I was also invited to join them for a "Run for Hope" event on Nov 20th. This is an annual charity event organized by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, The Regent Singapore and the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise much-needed funds for cancer research. .

To continue her journey of going to the hospital, it is best to click here.

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