Earthquake in Singapore

Just a couple of days ago, Mom and Dad attended Han's award presentation night at his junior college (ACJC) where he amazingly received 3 awards.

Little did we know then that a couple of days later, Shuan his next younger brother who was expecting the results of his first semester's exam at Ngee Ann Polytechnic suddenly disclosed that he scored a perfect GPA of 4.0 after scoring 5As for all the 5 subjects he took! He had just started at Ngee Ann earlier in the year with a merit scholarship award based on his O Level examination results of the previous year.

It was only appropriate that the family would celebrate Shuan's excellent results with a lunch at Swensen's in Holland Village nearby. Here are the pics :

Here is Shuan looking his usual cool and steady self.
Lunch was great for all but we couldn't resist ordering and digging into Swensen's Earthquake ice cream dessert as videoed below :

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