Happiness Mindsight on Dad's and Su's birthday

It's a Happy Birthday for Dad and Su which can be celebrated on the same day as while its 5th October in Malaysia at noon time, it's still 4th October in Utah! Though we're not together today physically to share a cake as we have often done so in the past, my happiness mindsight is sufficient to recall the good times that we have shared together either on our birthdays or other happy days as the following pics show :

The term "Mindsight" by Dr Daniel Siegel was discovered from Dad's life research on Optimal Thinking. Here is a video of what it's all about in brief :

Through Mindsight I can become more aware of my own internal world and that of someone else too especially on her birthday :

Yes, Happy Birthday Su and keep thinking of the Happy Life ahead of you as I continue to live mine shared in My Heart and Mind website. Read especially my last post about My Happy Brain

Click here to view the Mindsight website.

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Irene said...

Happy Birthday Chong and Su. Thanks for your postings. I enjoy reading them. God bless.

Irene (24-Oct-2010)