A Father-Son outing to the Jungle

As a father with 6 children, it's always special to have a one-on-one time with a son or daughter. This usually happens more frequently when they are still young and more physically dependent on you. However when it happens when they are in their latter teenage years where they often hang out more with their teenage friends, it becomes and even more special and memorable experience. The trip with Shuan to the Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak state on Borneo Island was such an experience for me. When Shuan brought along some text books to study, I was reminded  of a previous experience , that this would be part of the package when they are already in college! Guess for Shuan, all the study pays off as reflected in his academic performance and scholarships won.

Flying in to our destination and viewing the vast jungles and rivers below us was exhilarating!

As the plane landed with our feet on the ground, there was great anticipation.

There was still a 20 min vehicle ride deeper into the forest from the airport with other adventurous passengers.

After checking into our place of accommodation, we went to report to the Ranger's office to pay our entrance fee, get maps and more information to join the next group led by a guide to the Mulu caves.

It is very helpful to have a guide who can point specifics in our hiking trail through the forest to the caves.

For example, I would not have been able to film this interesting insect that was well camouflaged.

Soon we got closer to the hills where the caves are.

We would first visit the Langs Cave and later the Deer Cave

Here is the entrance to Langs cave

Checking out interesting information about the cave

We follow the guide through narrow tunnels into the cave...

... to find that it could be quite wide and spacious further inside the cave!

Here is an explanation of how these caves were created through time

Now off to the next cave

We can see the application of the power of time in this video that created these caves

Wow, isn't that a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln in the cave opening?

One of the spectacular event visiting the caves is to see the bats flying out of the cave in the evening. We did try to wait for this moment but time was against us to witness it so here is one captured by a third party on video.

It has been a truly awesome adventure exploring these caves!

Soon it was time to head back to our camp

... and we chose to stay in a place worthy of our hero....

with an evening of entertainment with cultural dances as we enjoyed our buffet dinner

Next day, it's time for river boat rides!

With more cave explorations too...

... until we bade farewell to the wonderful place from the air on our way home.

I believe my son and I would remember our adventure here together for a long long time to come!

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