Father's Day - Thinking about my Father

It is a nice feeling to invite your Father to a Sunday lunch on Father's Day. My father is already 88 years old and I am glad that he has been around that many years for me to enjoy his company. All Fathers surely have some impact on their children and I began to think about how my Father had been a great influence for good in my life.

Right from young, I could see that my father has always been an industrious man. Coming home from his job as Chief Surveyor in the Government Department, he would always be doing something at home such as gardening, woodworking to create pieces of furniture or simply at his desk working on documents and updating files. Even when he retired from Government service, he began his own professional business as a surveyor and still goes to his office at this date for once or twice a week to work on something!

He was always a highly principled man, strict on his children to avoid gambling and mixing with bad company and made sure all his children received the highest education they could as a foundation for their future. He was more a man of action than of words and though he never mixed himself much with friends, not being a social animal and often kept to himself, he had good long term friends and relations who appreciated his good character and integrity.

Being an active man, he has kept good health from his days of much walking as a surveyor and later on picking up 'Tai Chi' for regular exercise. He has always shown himself to be a man of consistency and would always continue to follow-up or practice something that he has picked up like the 'Tai Chi' exercises to maintain good health.

Fortunately, in his older years, he has benefited from the health juices or functional beverages I have been able to share with him to maintain his health and pictured below, we're holding sample bottles of the latest product about to be launched in Malaysia next month, the Seven+. (Check out eXfuze )

Fortunately for his good health, he was able to enjoy a nice Japanese Buffet down town. Check out this video below on the variety of food served. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers I know in the world and hope you had a wonderful meal too on this day of rememberance of your good deeds!

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