Beijing-Kuala Lumpur Connection on Ernie's 14th Birthday

Once again a family member's birthday is celebrated over the internet in a Beijing-Kuala Lumpur connection : Mom made a quick homemade birthday cake with boiled eggs without the usual red coloring as Dad had none in the apartment!
We had to wait for Su to arrive in Beijing in a flight from Salt Lake City to get connected and on the screen we see from left to right Su, Han who arrived a few days earlier from KL and Fei at her home in Beijing.

We did all this just for Ernie to celebrate his 14th Birthday. Only one missing is Shuan left in Singapore who had to sleep early has he still had extra classes in school in preparation for his O level exams. Happy Birthday Ernie! Keep up the fitness in your life as seen in this recent video with Rex in Kuantan!

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