Happy Birthday Fei Min! You're now a quarter century old!

To our once lil gal who has become a great 'Man' for climbing the Great Wall several times now, among other great feats in your life, Congrats for becoming a quarter of a century old! This congratulatory message comes from Dad who has himself just turned half a century old not too long ago....

... whose father has lived way over three quarters of a century himself!

This message is also from a close member of our family who was adopted by Fei after finding him in school a long time ago, our Simba the Great, who lives happily still and is very close to becoming a Century old .......... in Dog Years!
Birthday pics taken in Beijing on June 14 2009 : With younger brother Han visiting from Singapore but awaiting younger sister Su on the way from Provo, Utah!
Trying on a Chinese Dress With Fiancee Christopher Wyatt
Guessing what's in the present!

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